Always the best, grit your teeth! Seongnam’s Kim Hyun-jun named to U18 national team!

Seongnam FC U18’s Kim Hyun-jun was named to the U18 national team on Nov. 11.

Born in 2005, Kim is an 18-year-old defender for Seongnam FC U18 who is known for his gritty play, crosses, and accurate kicks, but he is also a “leader-type” player who can bring the team together and lift the mood.

A key player in the 2022 U17 Championship runners-up, third-place finish at the 2023 Baekwoongi High School Football Tournament this season, and runner-up at the Gyeonggi-do Governor’s High School Selection Tournament, Kim joined the Seongnam FC professional team for their second winter training camp earlier this year, where he took part in some of the toughest training among professional players.

“I didn’t have much time to rest, but rather than being tired, I always try to stay in the best condition and play through the pain. That’s how I approached this training, and I’m really honored to have been selected.”

When asked about her goals for the tournament, she said, “Personally, I want to beat Japan, our first opponent in the tournament, and I want to play without regrets.” She also expressed her confidence, saying, “I’m very grateful to Seongnam FC U18 coach Kim Geun-cheol, who always gives me good words and inspires me with confidence.”카지노사이트

He added, “I want to finish this tournament well and get on the U20 national team and make my debut at Seongnam FC, which I dream about every day. I will be a player who learns and strives more in the future,” he said.

Meanwhile, the U18 national team, of which Kim Hyun-jun is a member, departed on Thursday to participate in the 2023 SBS Cup International Youth Tournament in Japan, where they will play their first match against Japan U18 at 17:30 on Sunday.

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