Novice coach’s ‘sense of urgency’…”It’s only now that it’s clear” →Transfer concluded in two months →”We’ve already prepared numerous plans” Loudly

English Premier League Tottenham’s Harry Kane will join Bayern Munich after all. Kane boarded a flight to Germany on Friday local time to undergo a medical with Bayern Munich.

Kane flew to Germany this afternoon with his wife Kate Goodland. Upon arrival at the airport, Kane was escorted by the club and went straight to the hospital to check his condition. The Bayern Munich fans gave him a rousing welcome, swarming and cheering wherever he went.

Harry Kane is happy to be back at Tottenham after just two months, but on the flip side, his manager must be dying, because the Spurs boss is a newbie in the EPL. Enzi Postecoglou was appointed as a Premier League manager for the first time in June ahead of this season.

Tottenham appointed Postecoglou as their new boss on 6 June, after he had been the manager of Celtic in Scotland. He signed a four-year contract.

The appointment of Postecoglou was met with a collective sigh from Spurs fans. He had no experience in the big leagues, let alone the EPL. He had only managed in the Scottish League, Japanese J-League, and Australian A-League. Although he won the title with Celtic, Spurs fans were disappointed.

However, Postecoglou has now spoken out for the first time since the transfer of Kane, which has been mooted for two months, was only days away from being officially announced. According to a report by The Sun on 12 December, Kane’s departure will change Tottenham’s plans for the future and they have already prepared a number of plans based on the assumption that he will leave. “It’s a sense of confidence. Not ‘unfounded confidence’, but ‘well-founded confidence’.

Postecoglou said: “Kane will leave for Bayern. It gives us some clarity, and so we plan to move forward without him,” he said, adding: “We have been preparing for Harry Kane’s departure for some time now. A lot of our training so far has been with that in mind. Harry Kane’s departure does not dramatically change my plans,” he emphasised.

Postecoglou has a number of plans in place with Kane’s departure as a constant, as the England international spoke candidly about his thoughts during a meeting with Postecoglou on his first day at the club. “If Tottenham agree to a transfer, I’ll go,” he told the new manager. Kane’s mind was already made up after the end of last season.

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, the deal between Tottenham and Bayern Munich is already done. The two sides have agreed and Harry Kane has agreed.

According to reports in the British media, Bayern Munich will pay Tottenham £86 million in transfer fees. Including options, the deal is worth around £100 million ($169.2 million).

Kane, who was earning £200,000 a week at Tottenham, will receive £415,000 a week from Bayern Munich. That’s a staggering £700 million, more than doubling his wages. The contract is for four years.카지노사이트

Once the move is officially announced, Kane will leave Tottenham after 19 years at the club, having joined the academy at the age of 11.

In that time, Kane has scored 280 goals in 435 games for Spurs. 213 of those goals have come in the Premier League alone. He was 47 goals shy of Aaron Shearer’s EPL record of 260. Unfortunately, Kane decided to leave the EPL for the Bundesliga, and with a four-year contract, it’s unlikely he’ll be able to break the record even if he returns to the EPL. In other words, Kane is more hungry for trophies than records.

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