Even the 2000-hit MVP legend loved it… “Our key puzzle, fantastic” raves Bae Jae-hwan

Andrew McCutchen (37, Pittsburgh) is one of Major League Baseball’s living legends, and a Pittsburgh legend at that. He made his major league debut with the Pirates in 2009 and has been a consistent performer ever since, putting together a Hall of Fame-worthy career.

As of today, McCutchen is batting .275 with 2042 hits, 299 home runs, 1042 RBIs, and 215 stolen bases in 2003 major league games. He has surpassed the iconic 2,000-hit plateau and is closing in on 300 home runs. There are only a handful of players in major league history who have achieved 2000 hits, 300 home runs, and 200 doubles. It’s a testament to McCutchen’s all-around game.

He’s even more special to Pittsburgh. He played in Pittsburgh for many years after his major league debut. He was traded to San Francisco in 2018, then bounced around to the New York Yankees and Philadelphia before returning to Pittsburgh for this season. It’s a one-year, $5 million deal, but he’s a legend in the Pittsburgh dugout and a mentor to the younger players.

He also has a connection to Bae, 24. “He was the first one to recognize me and talk to me,” Bae said of McCutchen, who gazed in awe at him in spring training a season ago and told him that he was able to make my signing bonus with the international signing bonus pool he earned when he was traded.

In his prime, McCutchen was an all-around player. In fact, he was a four-time Silver Slugger and a Gold Glove winner in center field. He even won the National League MVP in 2013. It’s been said that Mike Trout (LA Angels) was only dethroned as the best player in baseball from his debut until 2021, and that was McCutchen in 2013. He was that good.

Nowadays, McCutchen has fallen in love with Bae’s play. That’s because Bae has been showing promise in the middle infield lately with his energetic play. In fact, he was considered a shortstop or second baseman until he moved to the United States. However, in order to maximize his versatility in the major leagues, he played center field in the minors. In the major leagues, he plays both second base and center field.

Corner outfielders have a tough time judging pitches. This is because balls often curve and fly. In the major leagues, the ballparks vary in size. There are often structures in the middle of the field, as well as in the left and right fields, making defense tricky. On the other hand, center fielders need to cover a lot of ground, but they’re more honest with their balls and fences than left or right fielders. Bae is a great fit in center field because of his quick feet and ability to chase down most balls.

McCutchen also praised Bae’s energetic play and defense. “He’s a key piece of our puzzle,” McCutchen told the Pittsburgh Tribune on Monday, “a guy who can use his speed to get on base, steal bases and make things happen on the basepaths. That was a very important part of the team.”

In fact, Bae was a regular on Pittsburgh’s 26-man roster before his ankle injury. His batting average and on-base percentage were somewhat uneven, but one play at first base was recognized as one of the best in the majors. His physical speed is as good as any in the majors. He was a bit overzealous at the plate early in the season, but has matured and settled down since June.

His defense in center field was relatively new to him compared to the infield. But he’s getting used to it, McCutchen said. “He’s shown what he can do when he’s in there (center field),” McCutchen said. He doesn’t know when to turn his cues on and off yet, and he’s not always 100 percent, but that’s something that time will fix. He’s not a natural center fielder, but he plays great in center field and looks fantastic at times. To be honest, he’s going to be a great center fielder,” he encouraged.카지노사이트

Bae is happy to hear the legend’s praise. Bae said he loves having the opportunity to ask McCutchen, who is a mentor and legend in the clubhouse, questions. “It’s great because he’s a role model for everyone in this clubhouse. “He’s great because he’s a role model for all of us in this clubhouse. ‘ That helps me a lot.”

The future of McCutchen, 36, is undetermined, but Pittsburgh did not trade him at the trade deadline. He’s an iconic player for the team, so he may be expected to mentor next year. He’s actually not doing too badly. His numbers started to drop off after midseason, but he still has an adjusted OPS of 106 in 108 games. That’s better than league average. It will be interesting to see if Pittsburgh’s younger players, including Bae, can absorb as much of McCutchen’s know-how as possible.

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