Just when you thought the bullpen was stabilizing… The filial piety of the starting lineup is on the verge of collapse, with a seven-game road trip of death on the line.

With the bullpen somewhat stabilized, it’s time for the filial piety of the starters to break out.

The Samsung Lions mound stumbles. The momentum has been put on hold. It’s an unfortunate situation.

The bullpen was stabilizing. Especially at a time when the closer Oh Seung-hwan was gaining strength with 10 saves in August, the starters were losing one after another. Injuries, or lack thereof.

Ace David Buchanan left his start with neck and back bursitis. This isn’t the first time.

Since August, he”s been out of shape. He has a lot of niggles, big and small. A pattern of throwing a lot of pitches and then getting back soreness.

On August 4, he pitched through the seventh inning against LG Electronics in Daegu despite hand cramps.

On the 16th, he complained of neck pain after finishing the second inning and was scratched early.

He was able to pitch against Hanwha in Daejeon on the 22nd, but was forced to miss his scheduled start on the 29th due to the symptoms of bile again. Samsung manager Park Jin-man said, “He is as active as a player with no problems at home. If he’s okay, he’ll pitch on Sunday (against the NC on the 3rd).” Buchanan pitched well in the bullpen on Day 1, giving him the green light to return to action on Day 3.

Left-handed veteran Baek Jung-hyun also left the team on the 31st, complaining of elbow discomfort.

On the 30th, two days before his scheduled start against Daegu NC, Baek threw 40-50 pitches in the bullpen in the rain and felt discomfort in his elbow.

Samsung manager Park Jin-man said, “I think Baek Jung-hyun needs a break. If a starting pitcher is uncomfortable, it is better to remove him from the roster once and treat him thoroughly.”

To make matters worse, new outfielder Taylor Widener was also delayed due to illness.

Widener was scheduled to start against KT at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on March 31, but was abruptly replaced by Hong Jung-woo on the day of the game after his condition worsened. He will check his condition by Sunday of this week and then schedule a start next week.

Unfortunately, Choi Chae-heung hasn’t been able to get back on track.

In his 10th appearance since returning from the military, he was pulled early from the game against the NC on the 1st after giving up four runs on six hits, including a home run, in two innings with one walk and one strikeout, and suffered his fourth loss of the season. He has yet to report a win since his return. In his most recent outing, he raised hopes with six innings of two-run ball against a strong KIA lineup on April 19, but in this game, his first in 13 days, he bowed out again. Apparently, too much rest has become a poison.안전놀이터

Won Tae-in, a young ace who has been consistently in the starting rotation without getting sick, is out for the Asian Games.

The starting lineup is a mixed bag. The frustration is compounded by the fact that the hot batting lineup has cooled off after a series of rainouts and has been sluggish for two games in a row.

Samsung will travel to Ulsan and Jamsil next week for a seven-game series, including a doubleheader. The absence and decline of starting pitchers is a concern. The bench’s skill and improvisation will be crucial.

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