Former Mets manager under MLB investigation, accusatory letter delivered to commissioner’s office

Former New York Mets general manager Billy Eppler is under investigation by Major League Baseball’s Office of the Commissioner, with one letter reportedly playing a role.

On July 7 (KST), local media such as “SNY” cited a report from “The New York Times” to explain how Eppler came to be under investigation by Major League Baseball.

According to the report, a letter delivered to the Major League Baseball office was the trigger.

The letter allegedly contained accusations of misconduct during Eppler’s tenure as Mets general manager, including “fake ILs” that placed uninjured players on the disabled list.

The New York Post previously reported that Eppler was being investigated by Major League Baseball for improper use of the disabled list.

Eppler abruptly stepped down on Thursday local time. He said he was stepping down to make way for new president David Stearns, but it was later revealed that he was actually being investigated by the commissioner’s office.

So-called “fake ILs” are a common practice in Major League Baseball. The idea is to place players on the disabled list in order to keep them off the roster with no minor league options.

From the player’s point of view, it’s a win-win situation, as they receive both service time and salary while on the disabled list.

Fake ILs are a league-wide practice, not specific to any one team, so when news broke that Eppler was being investigated, the question was whether it was enough to remove him from his position.

It was later revealed that the reason Eppler was being investigated was because of the letter that accused him.

It was never revealed who sent the letter. The New York Times reported that it was likely a whistleblower, saying that “at least one of the team’s trainers had expressed concerns to others this season that the team was breaking the rules.”

The Major League Baseball office will investigate Eppler, as well as other employees within the organization and owner Steve Cohen.바카라사이트

The New York Daily News, citing sources, reported that the commissioner’s office has informed the Mets that the investigation is not targeting Cohen.

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