“That MF’s behavior is truly disgusting!”… Why the fierce criticism of the EPL ‘legend’? Anger at ‘act killing the game’

Jamie Carragher, the legendary defender of Liverpool in the English Premier League (EPL), was angry. The target of anger was Aston Villa midfielder Nipolo Zaniolo. Why were you angry?

Aston Villa won 4-1 against West Ham in the 9th round of the 2023-24 EPL season held on the 23rd. Aston Villa achieved a huge victory with Leon Bailey’s first goal, Ollie Watkins scoring an additional goal, and Douglas Luiz scoring multiple goals.

The performance was good. Zaniolo also showed off his lively performance. What Carragher was angry about was not Zaniolo’s performance but his exaggerated actions. During the game, there was a scene where Zaniolo was hit on the head, and it was said that Zaniolo wasted time by deliberately pretending to be sick. Carragher criticized the scene and said, “It’s really disgusting.”

Carragher continued, “It’s a scene that shouldn’t be on the football field. It’s something that can happen in a serious situation. From what I can see, there’s nothing wrong with Zaniolo’s head. It’s a challenge that’s nothing, and it’s nonsense.” said.

“Zaniolo’s exaggerated behavior is stopping the game, killing the game. There are too many of these happening on the football field. Everyone knows that in these situations the game will be stopped and there will be a dangerous counter-attack because the ball has been lost. “I know it can be done. That’s why I’m doing it with my head down,” he said.온라인카지노

Finally, Carragher said: “The referee probably didn’t want to stop the game either, but he had to blow the whistle because the player had his hand on his head. This has to stop. It’s happening too much in the game and a lot of players are doing this. “They are using it. This is a rule introduced to protect players. They are abusing it,” he emphasized.

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