‘King of ups and downs’ Sane, where is his conscience? Expected to demand Kane-level salary of ‘36 billion won’

Leroy Sane reportedly wants to be treated on an equal footing with Harry Kane.

Germany’s ‘Sport Bild’ covered the progress of Bayern Munich and key players’ contract renewal negotiations on the 25th (Korean time). The five players mentioned were Joshua Kimmich, Sane, Jamal Musiala, Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller. They are all players who play key roles in the team.

The player who was controversial in this report was Sane. The media said, “Munich has not yet contacted Sane or his agent to discuss a contract renewal. Sane is receiving an annual salary of 20 million euros (about 28.6 billion won) from Munich. Unlike Kimmich, Sane is showing good performance. . Therefore, Sane can claim an increase in salary to get Kane-level salary,” he analyzed.

It is true that Sane is playing very well this season. With 7 goals and 2 assists in 13 games, he is playing the role of the second best scorer after Kane. It is true that he is excellent only in terms of offensive point production, but when looking at his overall performance, he is not evaluated well.

Coman, Musiala and even Kane create many opportunities for Sane. Sane is the player with the most scoring opportunities in Munich. However, it is true that he does not receive a good evaluation when judging whether his production is good compared to the scoring opportunities. The same goes for athletic performance. The problem of ups and downs still persists, and sometimes they become overly greedy, making fans frustrated.

Crucially, it is questionable whether Sane will be able to continue this performance in the future. To put it bluntly, Sane’s heyday was when he was at Manchester City. He was very active in the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons, scoring more than 10 goals and 10 assists in the Premier League alone. Compared to those days, his performance in Munich was somewhat disappointing.

The cumulative value also tells the same story. Since moving to Munich he has never scored more than 10 goals in the league. The same goes for his performances in other cup competitions. If such a player boldly asks for a salary increase because of his good performance this season, Munich will also be in trouble.카지노사이트

Munich already manages salaries very thoroughly. Currently, the team’s highest paid player is Kane, who is receiving 25 million euros (about 35.8 billion won). The next highest players after Kane are Neuer and Müller. Neuer and Müller are Munich legends, players who have made historic contributions, so it is natural for them to receive the treatment they deserve. Neuer is receiving 21 million euros (about 30 billion won), and Müller is receiving 20.5 million euros (about 29.3 billion won).

The Munich leadership will decide whether Sane deserves a higher salary than Neuer and Müller, but local public sentiment is not good.

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