Postecoglu and Lee Jeong-hyo, why are they doing so well?

There are two coaches who are receiving the most attention from Korean soccer fans these days.

These are Lee Jeong-hyo of Gwangju in the K-League and Postekoglou of Tottenham in the Premier League.

What do they have in common?

Reporter Kyungjae Lee analyzed it.

Although his career as a defender was not that great, the two coaches are achieving tremendous results in the K-League 1 and Premier League debuts this year.

Gwangju coach Lee Jeong-hyo led the team to third place in the league in its first year of promotion with the lowest-paid players.

Tottenham coach Postekoglou, who had more concerns than expectations, is also leading the team to first place with 23 points in 9 games and the best performance ever as a coach in his first year in the EPL.

What the two command towers have in common is a clear understanding of players and clear operational instructions based on a clear soccer philosophy.

[Lee Jeong-hyo / Gwangju coach: Let’s not lose the soccer color we want to play and push forward with our convictions to the end no matter what happens or a bad situation] [Postekoglou / Tottenham coach: Actually, it’s simple

. All players accept the importance of pressing, and Son Heung-min in particular understands the purpose of pressing forward. We are acting as a catalyst to create good scenes.]

Both teams’ strong attack orientation and strong pressure from all corners of the stadium led to fun and winning soccer, and the two coaches earned strong trust from the players and fans.

[Lee Kun-hee / Gwangju striker: There is no team that plays soccer as good as us. [He always says we have to be proud, so I think that gives me confidence]

Maddison, who is leading Tottenham’s sensation, said in a recent interview that Postekoglou is a good motivational speaker, and the coach’s stories that relate to daily life are good news for players. He confessed that he had no choice but to work hard.카지노사이트

[Postekoglou / Tottenham Coach: I would like to give the credit for today’s victory to the players. Maintaining this style requires a very high level of physical effort. Even when there is no ball, you have to keep running. But all the players did their best, and that led us to victory.]

The two coaches are looking forward to a meaningful record side by side this week as well.

Gwangju, who took the lead against Ulsan last weekend, will meet Incheon and aim to jump up to second place, while Tottenham will take on Palace and attempt to go undefeated for 10 consecutive games in the opening game.

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