Watching and learning next to the legend with 2043 hits… There is a reason why a 29-year-old trade transfer student from KIA volunteered for hell training in Okinawa.

“I want to learn a lot from Coach Lee Byung-gyu.”

Samsung Lions infielder Ryu Ji-hyuk (29) will board a plane to Okinawa, Japan on the 27th. The reason is to participate in Samsung’s 2023 Okinawa Finishing Camp, which will be held from the 27th to November 20th for a total of 24 nights and 25 days.

Samsung’s 2023 Okinawa closing camp, led by coach Jin-man Park, will be held mainly for players with less experience. Pitchers Choi Ji-gwang and Choi Ha-neul, infielders Kim Jae-sang and outfielders Kim Tae-hoon, who still need more training, as well as Kim Hyun-jun and Kim Ji-chan, who were out of the first team due to injuries, will also join. Players participating in the Miyazaki Educational League also move to Okinawa and focus on training. Continuing from last year, intensive training is expected to take place this year as well.

Ryu Ji-hyuk’s name is unexpected. He came over from the KIA Tigers through a trade with Kim Tae-goon in the middle of the season. Ryu Ji-hyuk, who took over the starting position as soon as he arrived, played in 132 games and recorded a batting average of 0.268, 122 hits, 2 home runs, 45 RBIs, 63 runs, and 26 stolen bases. After his debut, he had a career-high season, setting records such as most games played in a single season, most hits, most stolen bases, and most scores.

He was able to focus on recovery training in Korea like key players such as Koo Ja-wook. However, Ryu Ji-hyuk decided to focus on training instead of resting and recovering. There was a reason.

Ryu Ji-hyuk, whom we recently met at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, said, “I don’t think it’s really the case this year. I can’t give you points. If you look at the number of stolen bases and hits this year, it is true that they are all career highs. But he had more regrets. There were so many things that didn’t go his way this season. There were many games where I was disappointed and blamed myself. “If I had been more conscious, I could have achieved better results, but that’s a shame,” he said.

Also, the reason he volunteered to go to the Okinawa finishing camp was because of the influence of head coach Lee Byeong-gyu. Ryu Ji-hyuk said that even before coming to Samsung, he learned a lot by watching head coach Lee Byeong-gyu’s game videos during his active years. Head coach Lee Byeong-gyu was a KBO legendary hitter who recorded 2,043 hits, 161 home runs, 972 RBIs, and 992 runs in 1,741 KBO league games during his active career. Head coach Byeong-gyu Lee will also join the finishing camp.

He said, “I said I wanted to go to Okinawa. Because I know I am lacking. The video I watched a lot about batting in the past was head coach Lee Byeong-gyu’s game video. He always thought, ‘I can use the hitting mechanism like this’ or ‘I can hit like this.’ “I want to learn a lot now that Coach Lee Byeong-gyu is by my side,” he said.

He continued, “It was mid-season when I was traded. It wasn’t easy to change something because I had to play right away. Still, I think the feedback and words Coach Lee Byeong-gyu gave me suited me well. “I think if we do something together, it might go in a good direction,” he smiled.먹튀검증

Although he has established himself as Samsung’s lucky star this season, Ryu Ji-hyuk is not satisfied.

Ryu Ji-hyuk said, “This off-season, I’m just going to play baseball. Whether it’s the bat or defense, there is no change if you stay still. I will try to do whatever I can, no matter who I learn from or who I find. As the season progressed, I realized the problem. I plan to spend the off-season talking to power analysis about ways to fix my problems or highlight my strengths. “I will always try my best,” he said emphatically.

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