The director’s words of hard work, comfort from understanding failure

“Everyone worked hard.”

My expectation that the ball would fly first was wrong. It was a change of ball. Would you say it is a curve with a large drop? It feels as if a pat is coming from the top of the shoulder down to the back. These are the words of new Lotte Giants coach Kim Tae-hyung. This was said during a separate meeting with four key players prior to the inauguration ceremony held in Busan on the 24th.

If you were one of those players, how would you feel after hearing that? You worked hard, and it seemed like you were getting results, but the current situation ended in vain. You are enduring it more bitterly than anyone else. They must have felt wronged and were physically and mentally exhausted from having fought the war. Will there be disapproval since the results were insufficient? It’s a moment when you feel shabby, having to worry about whether you’ll be nagged. His first words to you are comfort. ‘Ganggol’ I can feel the warmth in director’s words. Did you expect this ball combination? 

It seems like there were quite a few Giants fans who captured this scene. Among the community posts, the response is “I was touched.” I also thought, ‘Baseball fans who have been heartbroken for a season are also emotionally in the same situation as the players.’ I think you need some consolation. I also dare to say this. “Thank you all for your hard work.”

The director, who has now become ‘Rot Tae-hyung’, is a person with a reputation for strong, tenacious leadership. You can see a lot of ‘memes’ on the internet showing his strong appearance and controlling players. The manager’s view on baseball is known for a style that focuses on his ability to deal with situations based on his long experience rather than data analysis. Regardless of whether it is at home or abroad, there are times when some people easily judge the basis of the judgments and decisions of veteran coaches, who are called orthodox or old school, as relying on intuition or sense. But these people are masters of psychology. He is an expert in ‘pushing and pulling’ who knows how to treat players at any given moment.

A representative example is veteran coach Bruce Bochy, who led his team (Texas Rangers) to the World Series in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) this year. He amassed more than 2,000 wins as a major league manager for 26 seasons and also won the World Series three times. Sports media ESPN recently described him as “treating a baseball game like a living organism.”

What does that mean? Organisms survive when multiple organs play their respective roles and respond to various environments. Therefore, a baseball game is just a number. Doesn’t this mean that it is a game where ‘human’ players who live in an organic relationship gather and interact rather than a combination and transformation? That is Coach Boc’s philosophy. ESPN explains it further: “He understands the failure of baseball players

and “He had an excellent ability to alleviate the aftermath.” Even in sports, failure is a heartbreaking outcome. From the world’s harsh perspective, failure is a criterion of inefficiency and exclusion. This veteran manager is a man who understands the reality that failure is a large part of the game of baseball. That’s why Botch is a good example of a player who fails. Known for his sometimes witty and warm words of encouragement,

Rangers outfielder Travis Jankowski said, “The manager also uses statistical analysis, but he also trusts his gut and instinct. Our players are not computers. “We are humans. Players get excited because the coach treats them that way.” This is why the coach’s short words, which can see through the player’s psychology and heart, can be of great help. Coach Kim Tae-hyung’s 

‘ I thought that the words ‘I tried my best’ were in line with Director Bochy’s ability to deal with failure. In particular, I pay attention to the fact that the first words to convey to those who have been hurt by failure are comfort and empathy. Cause analysis, diagnosis, and prescription come second. Many In this case, we forget to comfort them and try to find a way first. We also forget the sadness of those around us who are having a difficult time. How about this?

Professor Ko Hyun-sook of Kookmin University, an expert in coaching conversations, says, “Empathize with the hurt feelings and wait long enough.” During one counseling session, when a client expressed deep sadness and strong anger, Professor Koh spent almost all of the counseling session helping the client unwind and sort out her emotions. Only by emptying your mind sufficiently can you be filled with the courage to stand up and the determination to move forward.토토사이트 

The director’s consolation was sincere.

Korea Coach Association certified coach Kim Jong-moon coachjmoon Gmail

Kim Jong-moon is a former reporter for the JoongAng Ilbo and served as the front office for the NC Dinos baseball team from 2011 to 2021. At the end of 2018, he took over as general manager of the ‘last place’ team and led it to its first championship two years later. He is currently a Korea Coach Association Certified Coach (KPC).

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