Kiana Smith to return, key is ‘match stamina’

In life, there are many things going on. It is important to be noticed, but there must be incidental things that must happen.

The same goes for basketball. It is also important for the ace to dominate the match, but players other than the ace must play well. With five players on the court, there must surely be less pressure on the ace.레모나토토 도메인

In particular, there should be a player who can balance any position. Having such a player is what must happen in the team. Therefore, the players who should contribute high to each team were selected as “MUST HAPPEN.” There will be several players for each team, but this article tries to write down only one player for each team. (However, the selection criteria presuppose that it is the reporter’s personal opinion)

[Kiana Smith, 2022-2023 Regular League Record]

  1. Competition: 17 games
  2. Time to play: 30 minutes and 20 seconds
  3. Score: 13.2 points
  4. Assistance: 4.4
  5. 3-point shooting success rate: 29.6% (24/81)

Samsung Life Insurance has won the first place in the first round for two consecutive years since the 2021-2022 WKBL New Player Selection. It was the result of the coaching staff and secretariat’s efforts to create the future of the team.

Lee Hae-ran (181 cm, F) with mobility and sense was selected at the 2021-2022 New Player Selection Meeting. Kiana Smith (177 cm, G), a Korean-born foreign player, was the first to approach at the 2022-2023 recruitment meeting. Kiana, who knew the sincerity of Samsung Life Insurance, also chose to go to Korea. Samsung Life Insurance, which had the No. 1 nomination right, did not hesitate to choose Kiana.

Kiana has shown her potential since college. Kiana, a University of Louisville native, played in the 2021 NCAA Division I. He averaged 12 points, 3 rebounds, and 2.7 assists with a 36.7% success rate (62/169). In March 2022, it also reached NCAA FINAL 4.

Kiana played a ball handler or swingman. It’s because it’s competitive outside the three-. He was also able to score three points after the kick-out pass and step back following the breakthrough. The process of fast-attack development was also sharp. My time in Korea was short, but my colleagues already trusted Kiana.

Lee Ju-yeon (171 cm, G), who formed a backcourt duo with Kiana, said, “I played as an opponent during training, but it was difficult to stop it because the first step was fast. There’s a good shot. I think it’ll be easy to take it out after I break through. Moreover, dribbling skills are good. “You will feel less pressure when carrying the ball,” he said, expecting a combination with Kiana.

Lee Hae-ran, who played 2-2 with Kiana a lot, also said, “Even before Kiana’s sister came, the director said something. ‘If Keana catches it, you prepare for a swift attack. “Then Kiana will hand it over.” So I tried to jump one more shot. Also, although it hasn’t been long since we’ve been together, personal skills are definitely excellent. I think she’s an older sister who I can trust,” he said, expressing a similar opinion to Lee Ju-yeon.

Kiana showed outstanding performance in the early part of the 2022-2023 season. He tried to create synergy with domestic players and showed his strengths, ball handling and shooting. Above all, he was flexible in dealing with the flow.

But Kiana was met with a big bad news. He injured his left knee patella in a match against Woori Bank in Asan on December 26, 2022. Because of this, Kiana was out for the season. And so far, I’ve been doing rehabilitation exercises. It is difficult to play in the opening game of the 2023-2024 season.

Fortunately, Kiana played with Samsung Life players. Kiana also told this newspaper, “I played last year, so I know our team’s style well. The same goes for the players’ disposition and the coach’s style. So I don’t think it’s going to be as hard as last year,” he said.

However, “The key is to increase the physical strength of the game. And it’s important to help the team,” he said. Before talking about expectations, I mentioned the task. Of course it has to be. Because if you don’t build your body, you can’t be a strength to the team. Knowing that Samsung Life needs Kiana, Kiana expressed more caution in restoring her game’s physical strength.

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