Coburn is a strong Samsung, but the domestic players lacked performance

It’s been nearly a month since the start of the 2023-2024 NBA season. While the number of games played by each team has varied considerably, the 2023-2024 season has somehow passed the one-sixth mark. By game number (1-45), that is. That means the first round is over.레모나토토

The strong and weak teams are more or less separated. However, it’s a bit different from what we expected before the start. Some teams have exceeded expectations, while others have fallen short. So the first round of the 2023-2024 KBL was more interesting than I expected. There were many things to look forward to.

Coburn proved to be a disruptive force under the basket

The impact of foreign players in the KBL is still very strong. That’s why Samsung made a concerted effort to recruit foreign players this offseason. Coburn is a big man, and his strength lies in his ability to score under the basket. At the same time, he has the passing ability to set up his teammates. That’s why Samsung had high hopes for Coburn.
Indeed, Coburn’s destructive power was immense. In the first round, Coburn averaged 24.7 points, 10.8 rebounds, and 2.9 assists. He wasn’t matched up against any foreign players. With Coburn’s scoring prowess, Samsung solved its scoring drought (Samsung averaged 79.9 points in the first round, the eighth-best mark).
Of course, there were weaknesses. Coburn’s weaknesses were on the perimeter defense, especially with the recent influx of forward-type foreign players in the KBL. Coburn struggled with perimeter defense. Coach Eun Hee-seok also recognized this. He said, “Coburn has good perimeter defense for his height. However, his physical condition is not normal yet. He needs more energy to play outside defense. For that, other players need to help him,” he said.
Nevertheless, Coburn’s ability to score under the basket was a big boost for Samsung. As a result, Samsung was able to secure two wins in the first round.

Coburn was a sure thing. Now it’s up to domestic players to respond

Coburn was always on point. This is why Samsung’s scoring power was able to stay in the middle of the pack. However, the domestic players have not responded. Aside from Coburn, Lee Jung-hyun (191cm, G) is the only other player to score in double digits. However, Lee hasn’t been a consistent scorer either. In the first round, he scored in double figures four times and in single digits the other five times. Especially during the five-game losing streak, Lee averaged just 6.4 points. The same goes for the other players. Lee Won-seok (204 cm, C) is averaging just 8.3 points.
Kim Si-rae (178 cm, G), who is supposed to lead the team’s offense alongside Lee, is also struggling. In the first round, Kim averaged 6 points and 3.8 assists while shooting 37% from the field.
If Samsung is to rack up more wins, it will need its domestic players to break out.

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