Gwangju FC is in second place? What’s more surprising is that he’s the most lost point

There are a lot of surprises in the K League 1 standings this season. One of the most notable is Gwangju FC’s ranking.

After returning to the top flight this year, Gwangju is currently in third place. They have 58 points, behind champions Ulsan Hyundai (73 points) and Pohang Steelers (60 points). All teams have two games left this year. “Our goal is to finish the season in second place after being promoted to the first division,” said Gwangju head coach Lee Jung-hyo.레모나토토

Gwangju has the lowest total salary among the top clubs in the K League. They don’t even have a stadium at their disposal, and they’re sitting in a deceptive position in the standings. K League champions Ulsan will play in the elite Asian Champions League next season. Pohang won the Korean Football Association (FA) Cup, so they’re also headed to Asia. The last remaining ticket (playoffs) is reserved for second place in the K League. So whether Gwangju finishes second or third, they’ll still be competing in Asia’s top club competition.

Coach Lee Jung-hyo revealed his final goal before the end of the league. “The goal we focused on throughout the season was to finish second in the league and keep the fewest goals,” Lee said in a phone interview on Nov. 21. “Gwangju is fighting for second place in the league because of its strong defense,” Lee said, adding, “We will play well in the remaining two games to protect the top spot in fewest goals.”

Gwangju currently has 33 goals conceded. This is the highest among the first division teams. With 36 games played, that’s 0.92 goals per game. This is also first in the league. Gwangju has maintained an aggressive style of play that is more about scoring goals than winning. It’s amazing that Gwangju has managed to minimize their goals while focusing all their efforts on scoring goals. It’s a testament to the saying “offense is the best defense.” “No matter how aggressive you are, if your defense is unstable, you can’t win and it’s hard to score goals,” said Lee. “It’s thanks to the players’ hard work on both offense and defense.”

Gwangju will face Jeonbuk on May 25. Jeonbuk is in fourth place in the league (54 points). Jeonbuk also has a good defense. They currently have 34 goals conceded, second only to Gwangju. If Gwangju can get at least a draw, they’ll be able to hold onto the top spot. Their final opponent is Pohang. If Gwangju plays well against Jeonbuk and defeats Pohang, they can finish second in the league and first in fewest goals allowed.

After clinching the title in the second division last season, Gwangju went on a seven-match unbeaten run until the final game of the season. The team hasn’t relaxed after achieving their goal. They played until the end to become, as coach Lee Jung-hyo said, “a team that is more excited for tomorrow.” Will the fearsome newcomers Gwangju be able to pull off the same feat in the top flight?

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