“Winter to reflect on” Park Byung-ho, the evil character after self-inflicted, self-inflicted, self-inflicted and self-inflicted

KT Wiz’s fan festival was held at the Sunseung Hall at Kyung Hee University International Campus in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, on April 26. As the fans asked various questions to the players, veteran infielder Park Byung-ho was also asked a question. It was a simple question, “Why do you wear tape under your eyes? Park took the microphone and sincerely answered the fan’s question, then said, “I’ll tell you something.” It was a ‘confession’ unrelated to the question.

“Actually, I was heartbroken after the Korean Series (KS) ended. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t lift my head to the players and fans,” he said. “I was disappointed in myself for not winning the KS for the first time since I came to KT,” he said, adding, “I will prepare well this winter so that I can wear a championship ring and share my happiness with the fans.굿모닝토토 도메인

Park Byung-ho went 2-for-18 with two doubles (one home run) and eight strikeouts in five games for the 2023 KS. Boasting one of the best first base defenses in the KBO, he was also embarrassed by two errors. Park Byung-ho, who donned a KT uniform for the 2022 championship, struggled in his first appearance for KS after the move. In the end, he was unable to break the 19-year championship drought since his professional debut.

His feelings of regret and remorse continued even after the KS ended. After expressing his regrets in front of 2,500 fans, Park continued his self-reflection at the KBO Awards ceremony the next day (July 27). As he took the podium to receive the first baseman’s defense award, he said, “The team went from the bottom to KS, but I think I was not good enough.” He also blamed himself.

The same was true in the interview after the award ceremony. Park Byung-ho, who had a sleepless night after the KS, said, “It’s been a while since the season ended, but I still have a lot of regrets. I think the outcome of the KS would have been different if I had played better. It’s a shame that the KS left me with nothing to show for it. I want to turn back time,” he reflected.

Three reflections in front of fans and media. Park Byung-ho himself must have spent more time reflecting, and his teammates, who watched from the sidelines, felt sorry for him. KT captain Park Kyung-soo said, “It’s not an individual’s responsibility. It’s something we all lacked,” and Woo Kyu-min, his former LG Twins teammate and new KT teammate, was reportedly worried, saying, “I don’t want Park Byung-ho to bear the responsibility (of the championship loss) alone.”

“I appreciate what people are saying, but I can’t help it (to keep reflecting). Any player who plays a pivotal role in the team must feel this responsibility. I think I feel this more because I’m a big part of the team,” he said.

The team is not only frustrated, but also determined to rebound. “I didn’t perform well in the regular season because I was suffering from injuries. Next year, I will make my body better by the end of the year so that I can play steadily with at least 80% body condition.” “I don’t think I can be happy this offseason. It’s a winter of reflection. I will work hard to prepare for next season with new goals.”

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