Ryu Joong-il, Lee Seung-yeop, Kim Min-ho, and Kim Min-jae, the first stage of harmony in four years, and the people who shone in the baseball golf tournament

Competitors who battled it out on the field. Instead of a baseball field, they competed in a friendly shot contest on a golf course.

The 40th Baseballers Golf Tournament, co-hosted by Sports Chosun and the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), was held at the H1 Club in Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, on June 6. The event, which has always been a part of the KBO since its inception in 1982, was held for the first time in four years due to COVID-19 and last year’s snow.

This season, the tournament was sponsored by the LG Twins, who won the championship for the first time in 29 years. The event was attended by 116 baseball players, including managers, coaches, players, and front office staff, who completed their final training through November.

The managers of all 10 clubs, including LG Twins manager Yeom Kyung-yeop, the “winning commander,” and Lee Sung-yong, the newly appointed head coach of SSG Landers, participated in a heated shot competition. Even Ryu Joong-il, who changed the national team’s generation with his Asian Games gold medal, was in attendance. LG’s Kim Min-sung, Heo Do-hwan, Park Dong-won, and Choi Won-tae also showed off their skills. It was a stage of unity where baseball players came together to greet each other and praise their hard work over the past year. Their faces were filled with smiles as they came together through the medium of golf.토토사이트

LG’s Kim Min-sung, Heo Do-hwan, Choi Won-tae, and Park Dong-won playing a round together.

In the battle of the strongest managers, dubbed the “Group of Hell,” with Lotte’s Kim Tae-hyung, KT’s Lee Kang-chul and Doosan’s Lee Seung-yup, Lee laughed. He shot the lowest score with a 74. Kim Tae-hyung, Lee Kang-cheol and Yeom Kyung-yup shot a combined 79.

In the tournament, which was played using the “New Perio Method,” which applies personal handicaps to hidden holes to ensure fairness, Ryu Jung-il won the title. He was in third place with a 75, but his handicap-adjusted net score of 70.2 gave him the win. Second place went to LG’s Kim Kyung-tae (97 strokes, 70.4 net score), and third place went to Samsung’s Yoon Sung-chul (97 strokes, 70.6 net score).

The Medalist Award, given to the lowest non-handicapped player, went to Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop, who shot a 74.

The Longest Driver Award went to Lotte Giants coach Kim Min-ho, who hit his driver a whopping 280 meters, while the Nearest Driver Award went to KT team manager Choi Woo-seok, who hit a 70-centimeter shot that was the closest to the hole cup. With four birdies, Lotte’s Kim Min-jae won the Most Birdies award, while KIA’s Cho Jae-young won the Most Bogeys award with 14 bogeys.

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