SF leader Lee Jung-hoo’s honest review came out. “Confidence is NO, possibility is YES.”

San Francisco Giants general manager Pete Putilla gives his honest assessment of Jung-Hoo Lee (Kiwoom Heroes) at this point.

San Francisco is reportedly the club with the strongest interest in Lee this winter. Putilla traveled to South Korea in October to watch Lee play in person.

As MLB.com, the official website of Major League Baseball, reported on Oct. 6 (KST), Putilla recalled his trip to Korea and expressed his satisfaction, saying, “It was a great trip.”레모나토토 주소

“He showed me six or seven swings in one at-bat. It was good to see him in action. Before the game, I saw him catch a fly ball. His energy was high just being on the field.”

Several local media outlets estimate Lee’s price tag to be at least $10 million per year. ESPN estimated five years and $63 million (82.3 billion won), Major League Traders (MTR) estimated five years and $50 million, and The Athletic estimated four years and $56 million ($73 billion).

But Futilla isn’t convinced that Lee will have an easy time of it. Lee has only played 86 games this season due to an ankle injury. Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) also hit just .202 in 2021, his first season in the majors. Kim is a good comparison.

“It’s a little more difficult (to analyze),” Putilla said. A lot of scouts are analyzing the connection between the two players (Kim and Lee). They’re looking at what they’re going to struggle with and what they need to adjust.”

MLB.com said, “The KBO is a hitter-friendly league. If you look at the long-term data, there’s a lot of work to be done (when KBO hitters reach the majors). The question is whether Lee’s power will translate to the majors.

Despite the question marks, Putilla sees plenty of potential. “Obviously, it’s a jump. “Obviously, it’s a jump, but I think some players can make it,” he said.

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