Foreign ‘Attacker’ Edgar Will Spend Everything in Daegu Next Year… “I Will Spend Everything”

Foreign striker Edgar will continue to play for Daegu next year.

“The light blue fairy tale of Daegu in the 2024 season will be accompanied by Edgar,” the club announced on Instagram, adding, “We ask for your support and encouragement for Daegu FC and Edgar, who is looking upward.”레모나토토

The re-signing marks the seventh consecutive year Edgar has worn the Daegu jersey.

Edgar last wore a Daegu jersey in 2018. Until this year, he had been playing for Daegu for six years. He has 44 goals and 18 assists in 129 games.

This season, he has nine goals and three assists in 34 games.After Sejingya was sidelined with a fractured rib in the middle of the season, he helped Daegu reach the Final A by leading the team’s offense alongside Lee Geun-ho and Ko Jae-hyun.

“I’m so happy to be able to make history with Daegu again,” Edgar said, “I want to have a year where I give everything I have, and I will do my best to bring even more joy and happiness next year.”

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