If Lee Jung-hoo leaves, he will rank No. 1 in overall batting average in KBO… No GG? 33-year-old “The Fortunate Man.”

Park Gun-woo (33) of the NC Dinos is a right-handed bat in the KBO. With a career batting average of .326, he ranks third among all KBO players with more than 3,000 at-bats. And Lee, who leads the league in batting average, will soon be released from the Kiwoom Heroes. At that moment, Park Gun-woo became the KBO’s second-best all-time hitter and first-best active player.토토사이트

In 130 games this season, Park batted .319 with 146 hits in 458 at-bats, 12 home runs, 85 RBIs, 70 runs scored, an OPS of 0.877 and a slugging percentage of 0.304. It wasn’t a league-beating stat line, but it was good enough. Fourth in slugging percentage, sixth in on-base percentage, seventh in batting average, ninth in RBI, and 12th in hits.

Here’s a surprising fact. For a baseball player so successful that he signed a six-year, $10 billion contract as a free agent, he’s never won a Golden Glove. It’s hard to imagine him winning one in 2023, which will be held at COEX on November 11.

The competition is stiff. Hong Chang-ki (LG Twins), who is first in runs scored, first in on-base percentage, third in hits, fourth in batting average, and 11th in stolen bases, is virtually guaranteed a spot. Koo Ja-roo (Samsung Lions), who ranks second in batting average, second in slugging percentage, fourth in on-base percentage, and 10th in RBIs, is also a lock.

In fact, there is a fierce battle between Park Gun-woo, Guillermo Heredia (SSG Landers), and Socrates Brito (KIA Tigers) for the remaining spot. The winner and the loser have already been decided, and the final announcement is just around the corner. Heredia was fifth in batting average, eighth in hits, 11th in slugging percentage and on-base percentage, 13th in runs scored, and 15th in RBI, while Socrates was second in RBI, fifth in runs scored, sixth in doubles and home runs, and 10th in on-base percentage.

No one knows the outcome until the lid is lifted. However, it’s possible that a switch-hitter will have a smaller impact than a home run and RBI leader. If he’s third in batting average, that means he’s been hitting consistently. However, if an outfielder hits a ton of home runs, RBIs, and long balls, he’s bound to have an impact. Park Gun-woo is a hitter who specializes in average rather than home runs and RBIs.

The Golden Glove is an honor for baseball players. A little bit of luck and a lot of hard work go a long way. Even if Park doesn’t get the glove today, he’ll have plenty of chances in the future if he continues to perform well. In a way, it might even motivate him to continue his career.

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