“I’ll Give You a 70 Million Won Scholarship”…Promising ‘Devastating Treatment’ at a prestigious U.S. High School, Expecting the Birth of a Korean ‘ML Catcher’

Yoon Young-ha, a junior at Daechi Middle School, is the first Korean to be admitted as a scholar to Putnam Science Academy (PSA) in Boston, USA.

PSA is a prestigious private school that excels in academics as well as baseball and basketball. With a tuition of around $60,000, the school promised Yoon over $55,000 (approximately $72 million) in scholarship support each year.랭크카지노

There have been many Korean students who have played high school baseball in the U.S., but it is unusual for a Korean student to receive more than $50,000 a year in scholarships from an American high school.

Daewoo is different. It’s amazing that private high schools offer about 85% scholarships, but they usually admit students in September for the 9th grade, and they have to start the second semester of the 10th grade in January. For Yoon, this gave her about a year’s head start.

Yoon is the number one catcher in middle school league baseball. She has a steady batting pace with power beyond the middle school level, along with finesse.

Choi Ki-moon, the manager of the Paju Challengers, recognized Young-ha’s qualities and suggested that she play high school baseball in the United States. He personally contacted a local coach in the U.S. and prepared all the necessary documents for her admission.

Recognizing Yoon’s exceptional skills, Choi showed the video to a high school coach in the U.S., who said, “I’ll give you a scholarship and send you to PSA Baseball.”

“It’s good to be successful in Korean baseball, but I think it’s also good for the future of Korean baseball that young promising players can dream and play on the big stage,” Choi said, adding that he thinks Yoon will be a good enough player.

Coach Park Chul-hong said, “He is very serious about baseball. He’s greedy for baseball. He is a middle school student, but he has the power to hit a home run.” “I’ve been a middle school coach for more than 12 years, and this is the first time an American high school has offered a scholarship and limited recruitment,” he said. “It’s not easy for parents to make a decision as an only son, and it’s not easy for the player to go abroad and play baseball on his own, but he made the decision,” Park said.

Yoon, who was planning to play baseball in high school in South Korea, had bigger dreams. “I was recognized for my baseball skills and got to go to the U.S., but unlike in Korea, it’s a school with high-performing students, so I’m not going to fall behind in my studies. I plan to showcase my Korean skills alongside baseball.”

Yoon cites J.T. Realmuto as his role model and says, “I will do my best to realize my dream of making it to the Major League Baseball in the United States.”

Yoon will also be representing Seoul at an international tournament in Taiwan on May 21. After completing the tournament, she plans to head straight to the United States.

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