I managed to persuade him to bring him in.” The best offensive guard. He was a proud grandson with gold gloves

Proud grandson in person. The proud top hitter who led the LG Twins to their first championship in 29 years. The KBO’s best ‘run-scoring machine’ has performed his filial duty.헤라카지노

LG’s Hong Chang-ki won the outfield award at the 2023 Golden Globe Awards on 11 November at the COEX Auditorium in Samseong-dong, Seoul. He received 258 of the 291 votes cast, or 88.7 per cent, the most votes of any outfielder. He shared the Golden Glove as the best outfielder with Samsung Lions’ Koo Ja-rook (185 votes – 63.6 per cent) and NC Dinos’ Park Gun-woo (139 votes – 47.8 per cent). It was the second time he won the award after winning it in 2021.

Hong Chang-ki was LG’s best performer as a tablesetter. In 141 games, he batted 3-for-3 with 174 hits, 109 runs, 65 RBIs, a 4-for-4 slugging percentage and a 4-for-1 on-base percentage. He led LG’s offence, ranking first in runs scored and on-base percentage, third in hits, and fourth in batting average.

He also hit for the cycle in the Korean Series. Despite going 0-for-8 with one strikeout in Games 1 and 2, LG manager Yeom Kyung-yup had faith in him and kept him in the leadoff spot, and he showed his true colours with three hits in Game 3 and two in Games 4 and 5. In the five games of the Korean Series, he went 7-for-20 with three RBIs and three runs scored.

After receiving the award, Hong said, “I am so honoured to receive this award again. I’m grateful to the owner for supporting the players to play baseball, and I’m grateful to the manager, coach, and trainers for talking to the players so they don’t feel stressed. Thanks to the support of the fans, we were able to win the championship and I think I got a good prize. I will show my best next year.”

After the award ceremony, Hong Chang-ki said, “When I first received it, I thought about when I could receive it again, but it’s so nice to receive it again. Back then, I thought a lot about whether I could get there while playing baseball, so when I received it, I thought a lot about wanting to receive it again. This season, I’ve been performing well, so I had a little bit of hope that I could get it,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Hong Chang-ki was named the winner of the KBO Defence Award in the right field category, which was new this year. The winner was determined by combining 75 per cent of the voting points and 25 per cent of the defensive record points, which were determined by 110 votes from 11 people per club, including the manager, nine coaches, and general manager of each club. It is definitely an award that has a lot of credibility because it is based on the votes of experts and records that are converted into points. The right fielder chosen was Hong Chang-ki, who won the Golden Glove in the 2023 season and also received the defensive award, making him the best outfielder in the KBO. “I had a lot of older brothers who were good at defence, so they taught me a lot, and as I learned, I gained confidence little by little,” Hong said. “I think they gave me (the Golden Glove) because our team won the championship this year. I don’t think it’s easy to be number one among outfielders. I got the Golden Glove and I got the Defensive Player of the Year, so it’s a great year for me.”

On this day, Hong was doubly happy. She was doubly happy because she was with her family. Even before the ceremony, Hong was spotted with his grandparents. According to LG, Hong came to the ceremony with her family, including her grandparents, parents, and sister. “My grandparents didn’t come to the ballpark, so I took this opportunity to bring them,” he said. “They said they weren’t coming, but my parents finally convinced them to come,” he added. “I will do better in the future,” he vowed in front of his family.

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