“Great cross and perfect finish”…The strikers are selected as the best 11 in Tottenham→EPL week

The Premier League secretariat selected and announced the best 11 in the 17th round of the Premier League for the 2023-24 season on the 18th (local time). Tottenham won 2-0 in the 17th round of the Premier League against Nottingham Forest in the 2023-24 season, where the 15th was held, while Kulusevski was listed in the best 11 in Tottenham.

Kulusevski assisted Hishalisson’s first goal in the extra time of the first half against Nottingham Forest. Hishalisson finished Kulusevski’s sharp cross from the right side with a header shot, shaking the Nottingham Forest net.랭크카지노

Kulusevski then scored an additional goal in the 20th minute of the second half. With Nottingham goalkeeper Turner possessing the ball in front of the goal, Son Heung-min put pressure on the ball, which Turner hurriedly cleared, and it was connected to Tottenham’s Kulusevski. Kulusevski then dribbled through the right side of the penalty area and shot with his right foot to score the goal.

Shearer, the record holder for the most goals scored in the Premier League history, who selects the Premier League Secretariat’s weekly best 11, said of Kulusevski, “I delivered a great cross to Hishalisson and showed a strong finish to ensure victory.”

Kulusevski (Tottenham), Kudus (West Ham United), and Paqueta (West Ham United) were selected as the best 11 strikers in the 17th round of the Premier League in the 2023-24 season. Palmer (Chelsea), Guimaryangis (Newcastle United), Rice (Asnal), and Milay (Newcastle United) were named as the midfielders, while Varane (Manchester United), Keane (Everton), and Saliba (Asnal) were the defensive players. Vicario (Tottenham) was selected as the goalkeeper.

Tottenham continued its winning streak of two consecutive games with a victory over Nottingham Forest. Tottenham, which failed to win despite scoring the first goal in five consecutive games since the 11th round of this season’s Premier League, emerged from its slump by winning against Newcastle and Nottingham Forest in succession. Tottenham suffered a variable that midfielder Bissouma was sent off in the middle of the second half against Nottingham Forest, but succeeded in a complete victory with stable game management.

Tottenham is concerned about Son Heung-min’s absence from the Asian Cup, and Kulusevski and Hishalisson have recently revived their performances.

Hisalisson scored multiple goals in the 16th round of this season’s Premier League against Newcastle and then scored the winning goal in the game against Nottingham Forest. Hisalisson joined Tottenham last season and scored one goal in 27 Premier League games last season. Hisalisson only scored one goal in 12 games before the game against Newcastle. Hisalisson later scored three goals in two games against Newcastle and Nottingham.

British media iNews reported on Wednesday that Hishal Song is capable of filling the void left by Son in January. Many assessed that Hishal Song is set for his last chance at Tottenham three weeks ago. “It was not a valuable performance for the striker who was hired for 60 million pounds to score two goals in the Premier League. Ahead of Son’s participation in the Asian Cup, Hishal Song has scored three goals in the last two matches. Hishal Song will be the leader of Tottenham’s forward line, who is seeking to re-enter the top four Premier League teams.”

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