MLB New York Mets Bomb KRW 131.3 Billion in Wealth Tax… Highest Amount Ever

The New York Mets of the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) will pay the highest ever wealth tax (equal competition tax), AP reported on the 24th (Korea time).

The AP said, “Metz has to pay a total of $178,1932 (about 131.3 billion won),” adding, “This is more than double the previous high of $43.6 million recorded by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2015.”

The Mets attracted major players by releasing astronomical funds after Steve Cohen, a hedge fund mogul, became the owner in September 2020.월카지노

Ahead of this season, he signed big contracts with key players such as closer Edwin Diaz (five-year, $102 million), starter Justin Verlander (two-year, $86.6 million, current Houston Astros), left-hander Jose Kintana (two-year, $26 million), outfielder Brandon Nimo (eight years, $162 million), and Japanese pitcher Senga Godai (five years, $75 million).

The relentless move came back as a bill.

The Mets tried to reduce the wealth tax by trading Max Scherzer (Texas Rangers), Verlander, David Robertson (Miami Marlins), and Mark Canna (Detroit Tigers), but the total amount of tax bombs did not change significantly.

His team’s performance was also dismal. This year, the Mets failed to advance to the postseason, finishing fourth in the East Division of the National League with five wins and 87 losses.

The Mets’ wealth tax level differs greatly compared to other teams.

There are a total of eight teams that pay wealth tax this year, and the amount of wealth tax that the Mets have to pay is greater than the total amount of wealth tax for the second to seventh-ranked teams.

The San Diego Padres (39,693,954), the New York Yankees (32,399,366), and the Dodgers (19,423,297) came in second.

The Philadelphia Phillies ($6,977,345), the Toronto Blue Jays ($5,555,492), the Atlanta Braves ($3,159,536) and the Texans ($1,827,142).

The eight teams must pay the amount by January 21 next year (local time).

This is the first time that Texas, Atlanta, and Toronto have paid wealth tax. Mets, Yankees, and Philadelphia will pay for two consecutive years, and San Diego and Dodgers for three consecutive years.

The MLB Secretariat introduced a wealth tax system in 2003 to prevent some clubs from recruiting players indiscriminately.

Each team is required to pay 20 percent of the excess in the first season and 30 percent in the second season. If the team exceeds the threshold for three consecutive years, it will pay 50 percent of the excess.

The wealth tax will be capped at $233 million in 2023 and rise to $244 million in 2026.

The wealth tax is used for player welfare, retirement support, and commissioner discretionary funds.

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