LAD, who spent 1.59 trillion won on ‘Thank you Ohtani!’ is aiming for the AL relief king this time, with an average of 159 kilometers

The LA Dodgers has no end in its quest for long-term dominance in the Major League. The LA Dodgers, which invested more than 1 trillion won this winter to recruit four players including Shohei Ohtani (29), Joe Kelly (35), Tyler Glasnow (30), and Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25), will aim for Emmanuel Clase (25) of the Cleveland Guardians, the relief pitcher of the American League for the second consecutive year.랭크카지노

Jim Borden, a former Major League Baseball general manager, appeared on MLB Network Radio on the 23rd (Korea time) and said, “Don’t be surprised if the Dodgers bring All-Star Clase to the American League Central in a trade.”

Klase, a native of the Dominican Republic, debuted in the big league in 2019 and played 244 games for four seasons, recording 12 wins, 21 losses, 111 saves, and 236 strikeouts in 238 ⅓ innings. In 2020, when he was traded to Cleveland ace Corey Kluber for outfielder Delino DeShields, he made headlines. In May 2020, when he was traded, he was suspended for 80 games after he was found to have taken illegal drugs. After returning, he recorded more than 40 saves for the second consecutive year, ranking first in saves in the American League. This year, he effectively blocked Cleveland’s back door with a fastball of 99.1 miles per hour (about 159.4 kilometers) and a slider of more than 90 miles (about 144.8 kilometers).

He is also the hero of the all-time cost-effective contract. In April last year, Klase signed a five-year, 20 million-dollar contract with Cleveland, which covers the entire salary adjustment period. He will be able to spend three years at just 13 million dollars without worrying about salary adjustment with 2.5 million dollars in 2024, 4.5 million dollars in 2025, and 6 million dollars in 2026. In addition, there are 10 million dollars in club options in 2027 and 2028, respectively, so Klase can spend up to the age of 30 if he wants.

Cleveland hopes to gain potential for rebuilding through such a clasé. Cleveland won the American League Central last year, but this year, it ranked third with 76 wins and 86 losses. As the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers in the same district are aiming to win the championship through aggressive recruitment, it is not a bad option if it can bring a big prospect to Clasé, whose performance has been slightly lowered this year.

To the Dodgers, which is seeking to beef up its bullpen, Clase is one of the best options. Currently, Evan Phillips (29) is in charge of the Dodgers’ back door. Since last year, he has earned two wins, four losses and 24 saves with an ERA of 2.05 in 62 games this year. However, as he is not an overwhelming player to the extent that he has changed his pitching several times, some had mentioned recruiting Josh Hader (29), a top-class closer who became an FA in the early days of the offseason.

However, the Dodgers have already spent $1.21 billion (about 1.5878 trillion won) just to recruit four players, Ohtani, Kelly, Glasnow and Yamamoto. Starting with a 10-year, 700 million-dollar FA contract with Ohtani on the 10th, Kelly, who went to the FA on the 12th, was put back on the spot at 8 million dollars for a year. After acquiring Glasnow from the Tampa Bay Rays in a trade on the 16th, he signed a five-year, 135 million-dollar extension contract, and on the 22nd, he signed a 12-year, ultra-large FA contract with Yamamoto worth 325 million dollars. It does not count as luxury tax, but it has spent $1.21 billion on four people alone, including 50 million (about 65.2 billion won) paid to Yamamoto’s original team, the Orix Buffaloes.

Given that, Borden believes that it is not easy to recruit Hader, who is expected to sign a multi-billion dollar contract. “I don’t think the Dodgers will spend another 100 million dollars to get Hader. However, he will try to increase the depth of the bullpen, and the Dodgers are considered a potential candidate to recruit Clase,” Borden said. Another media outlet Clutch Point also explained, “Borden said the Dodgers want to recruit Clase. And the Dodgers have enough prospects to attract Cleveland’s attention.”

Despite spending a lot of money already, the Dodgers is able to continue aggressive recruitment thanks to Ohtani’s groundbreaking Dipper contract, which gave him a chance to secure luxury tax. Ohtani proposed a 10-year Dipper contract, which would pay 97 percent of the 700 million dollars, 10 years from 2034, and lowered the luxury tax levied on him to 46 million dollars a year. As a result, the Dodgers’ total annual salary is less than 237 million dollars, which is the standard for the first luxury tax, even though it hired Yamamoto. According to Spotrac, a U.S. sports annual salary site, the Dodgers’ total annual salary in 2024, which does not take into account the Yamamoto contract, is 154.1 million dollars. If Yamamoto’s annual salary of 27.8 million dollars is added to this, it will be less than 200 million dollars. That’s why the Dodgers can’t help but thank Ohtani.

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