Mets Can’t Go to Fall Baseball, Wealth Is Highest Ever

The New York Mets of the U.S. Major League Baseball pay a huge wealth tax.

ESPN and other U.S. media reported on Monday that the Mets’ total annual salary for this year was 374.7 million dollars, surpassing the previous record of 291.1 million dollars of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2015. “In response, he has to pay a total of 178,1932 dollars in wealth tax. It is the highest ever.”월카지노

A total of eight teams have paid wealth tax this year. Following the Mets, San Diego (39,693,954), New York Yankees (32,399,366), Dodgers (19423,297), Philadelphia (6.977,345), Toronto (5,535,492), Atlanta (3,159,536), and Texas (1,827,142).

The Major League introduced a wealth tax system in 2003 to prevent some teams from recklessly recruiting players. The wealth tax, which has been constantly revised in accordance with the Major League’s labor-management agreement, depends on how many consecutive years the team has violated, and is imposed by calculating different ratios for each section of the excess.

The Mets have exceeded the limit for two consecutive years since last year. Major League Baseball will impose a wealth tax of 233 million dollars in 2023. ESPN explained that the Mets will pay 30 percent of the wealth tax in taxes after the first 20 million dollars, 42 percent of the next 20 million dollars, 75 percent of the third 20 million dollars, and 90 percent of the excess after the remaining 293 million dollars.

The Mets have made a flurry of big contracts since Steve Cohen became owner in September 2020. Ahead of this season, they signed contracts with closing pitcher Edwin Diaz (five-year, 102 million dollars), starting pitcher Justin Verlander (two-year, 866.6 million dollars), left-hander Jose Quintana (two-year, 26 million dollars), outfielder Brandon Nimmo (eight-year, 162 million dollars), and Japanese pitcher Senga Godai (five-year, 75 million dollars).

During the season, the team traded Verlander (Houston), Max Scherzer (Texas), David Robertson (Miami), and Mark Canna (Detroit) to reduce wealth tax, but ended up costing more than 100 million U.S. dollars. This year, the Mets only ranked fourth in the East Division of the National League with 75 wins and 87 losses.

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