Bucheon Re-signs With Nilsson Junior…It will continue for 6th season

Bucheon FC has agreed to extend its one-year contract with Brazilian multiplayer defender Nilsson Jr. As a result, Nilsson Junior will play in the K-League next season while wearing a Bucheon uniform, and will continue his sixth season with Bucheon.랭크카지노

Nilsson Junior stepped on the K-League stage when he joined Busan I’Park in the 2014 season. It was in the last 2017 season that he first made a connection with Bucheon in his 10th year. After playing for two seasons, he moved to FC Anyang and returned to Bucheon early last year.

As a member of Bucheon, Nilsson Junior has played 175 games (27 goals and 7 assists), the most in games played by the club. This season, he was also selected as a round best 11 player for nine times, and showed outstanding performance by playing his role in both offense and defense.

In particular, Nilsson Jr. proved his value in Bucheon, breaking the club’s record of the most goals scored (27 goals). Through this contract, he will continue to accompany Bucheon for six seasons, and will be able to confirm solid solidarity and trust.

Bucheon coach Lee Young-min (50) said, “He played a pivotal role in Bucheon every season, and he showed leadership to build a stable defensive line while leading young players well,” adding, “These experiences in the K League will help Bucheon a lot next year.”

Nilsson Junior, who agreed to extend the contract, said, “I am very happy to be with Bucheon, which I love for one more season. I will continue to do my best to help Bucheon rise to a higher place.”

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