MLBTR “Ham Deok-ju may have preferred LG 4-year contract to a one-year MLB contract for a smaller or unguaranteed amount”… What about Ko Woo-seok?

MLBTR reported on the 25th (Korea time), “Ham Deok-ju signed a four-year contract of about $2.9 million, including incentives with LG.”

“Ham Deok-ju sought to advance to the Major League last month when MLB asked the KBO League to confirm his identity,” MLBTR said. “This procedural move essentially indicates that the big league team has some interest in Ham Deok-ju,” he said. “As a result, no deal was made and Ham Deok-ju decided to remain with LG.”

“Ham Deok-ju may have preferred a four-year contract to a one-year contract with a major league team for less money or even an unguaranteed amount,” he analyzed.헤라카지노

He added, “With a four-year contract, Ham Deok-ju’s chances of advancing to the big leagues in the near future have been closed. He will be 33 years old when his contract is over and maybe he can be a candidate to leap to MLB in 2028.”

As Ham Deok-ju remains in the KBO, Ko Woo-suk’s future is also of interest.

Unlike Ham Deok-ju, a free agent, Ko is aiming to advance to the big league through posting. A team that contracts with Ko will have to pay LG a posting fee separately.

Currently, the St. Louis Cardinals are known to be interested in recruiting Ko Woo-suk, but there is no official contract news yet.

LG has said it plans to accept the transfer when it is a ransom that everyone can accept.

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