“Not very western, not very western!” Korean and Japanese players in California. Why?

Superstars from Korea and Japan are gathering in California, the U.S.

This offseason alone, Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants), Shohei Ohtani, Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Los Angeles Dodgers), and Yuki Matsui (San Diego Padres) have already signed with a team in California.월카지노

There are six people including Kim Ha-sung and Darvish Yu (San Diego).

Of these, five (one from Korea and four from Japan), excluding Lee Jung-hoo, will play the season opener in Seoul next year.

Professional players who are driven by treatment, but why do Korean and Japanese players prefer California?

First, it could be because of the money. In California, Dodgers, San Francisco, San Diego and other “rich teams” are lurking.

They invest generously in the players they want. Ohtani and Yamamoto are representative.

Lee Jung-hoo was also treated much higher than the market value.

However, Kim Ha-sung is somewhat undervalued due to the COVID-19 incident.

Second, it could be because of the weather.

Most of California has a Mediterranean climate, with warm summer and warm winter.

It is known that the reason why Kim Ha-sung chose San Diego was because of the weather. It is said that the sunny and sunny San Diego weather was more suitable to adapt to the new environment.

Ohtani also preferred the West Coast to New York, which was cold and dry, and Yamamoto also reportedly liked cities with good weather.

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