“After Lee Jung-hoo, Color the Team” Fan’s Special Name

Lee Jung-hoo, the 25-year-old grandson of the wind who joined the San Francisco Giants in the Major League Baseball (MLB), has been selected as the team’s new sign that fans expect next year. The San Francisco Giants also entered the race to recruit Japanese pitcher and batter Shohei Ohtani and pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, but all of them were lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Lee Jung-hoo is San Francisco’s biggest achievement. As such, the team has high interest and expectations for Lee.월카지노

MLB.COM cited “Lee Jung-hoo giving the team a clear identity” as the wish of San Francisco fans in a special article introducing the year-end wishes of fans of 30 big league teams on the 26th. “Whether Lee Jung-hoo is a ‘star’ or not is controversial,” the media said. “San Francisco has no distinctive characteristics, but Lee Jung-hoo has the style of performance and personality that the team has been looking for.” It was expected that Lee Jung-hoo, who has the ball, water, and liquor, would revitalize San Francisco. There are ample opportunities. San Francisco manager Bob Melvin predicted Lee Jung-hoo as the “new first hitter and main center fielder.”

San Francisco President Farhan Zaidi also said at the joining ceremony that Lee Jung-hoo is preferred by MLB. “Our team needed such a batter,” he said. “In that sense, Lee Jung-hoo wanted to recruit the most was Lee Jung-hoo.” “Lee Jung-hoo has the ability to quickly recognize the pitching type of opponent’s pitcher,” he said. “This technique is very special. I’m sure it will work in MLB as well.” This is why he recruited Lee Jung-hoo for a total of 113 million dollars over six years, the highest amount ever posted by a Korean player and the most by an Asian fielder.

MLB Secretariat previously used Lee Jung-hoo’s photo in the promotional image for “2024 regular season opening D-100” posted on Instagram on the 20th. In addition, they include Yoshidama Takata (Boston Red Sox), Christian Yelich (Milbury Brewers), Trey Turner (Philadelphia Phillies), Julio Rodriguez (Seattle Mariners), and Jose Ramirez (Cvelland Guardians).

Meanwhile, MLB.COM mentioned that Ohtani presented the perfect prize for the Dodgers, the winner of this winter’s recruitment competition. “There is no need to mention the recruitment of Yamamoto and Tyler Glasnow,” he added. Ohtani signed a 10-year, 700 million-dollar contract with the Dodgers, the largest in the sports history. It even included a “deferral of payment” clause, which allows 97 percent of the total, or 680 million dollars, after the contract is terminated. It is his will to help the Dodgers secure the winning power.

In fact, he also helped. Ohtani convinced him to win the title with me at a Dodgers-Yamamoto meeting. He also sent a video message to Glasnow, saying, “I will hit a home run for you next year. Let’s take charge of starting rotation next year.” After signing the contract, Glasnow confessed, “I wanted to play with Otani, so I signed the contract.”

MLB.COM cited “Mike Trout’s health” as the wish of the Los Angeles Angels fan who left Ohtani. “A superstar (Ohtani) who transcends generations has left, but fortunately, one (Trout) remains. However, Trout has never played more than 140 games every year since 2018. I think he will have to spend a lot of time on the field.”

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