In the 2024 season, Cesinha is likely to set a new record for “Daegu FC’s most business trips.” ··Already ranked first in scoring and helping

Cesinha, who is preparing for his ninth season at Daegu FC in the 2024 season, is likely to set a new record for the most K-League appearances in the team.

Cesinha, who played in only 23 games due to several injuries this season, has made history for Daegu FC with 88 points and 58 assists in 232 K-League games.랭크카지노

Cesinha’s 88 goals and 58 assists are all top of the team’s career records.

In terms of scoring, Sejingya’s scoring record is with Daegu FC’s history, considering that it is more than twice Edgar’s 44 goals, and Lee Keun-ho, who decided to retire at the end of this season, is in fourth place with 30 points.

Cesinha, who also recorded 58 assists, is overwhelmingly in first place, while Edgar is the only active Daegu FC player who has 18 assists.

Cesinha, who has consistently played more than 25 games based on the K-League except this season after wearing a Daegu FC uniform, has played more than 30 games every year, including the FA Cup and ACL.

Cesinha, who played 232 games on the K-League stage, ranked second in Daegu’s overall travel record, and Park Jong-jin, who played 242 games as a one-club man for 12 years until 2014, was ranked first.

In the case of Park Jong-jin, who has been active in Daegu uniforms from the beginning of the team to retirement, except for his military service, no one can wear his uniform number 24 until 2026 as he retired in 2014.

With the difference in the number of games between Park Jong-jin and Cesinha only 10 games, if Cesinha takes the record for the most games in the team next season, Cesinha will take the top spot in most of Daegu’s field player records.

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