“Samsung Sifold expects to find himself again in the KBO and return to ML triumphantly” Colorado fan media

“I hope I can find myself again in the KBO League and return to the Major League triumphantly in the near future.”

Samsung signed a $1 million contract with foreign pitcher Connor Seabold on the 22nd (down payment of $100,000, annual salary of $800,000, incentive of $100,000).헤라카지노

Sifold made his big league debut in 2021 and played for the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies. He pitched a career-high 33 times in the major leagues and went 1-11. He has an 8.12 ERA.

He played 27 games for Colorado this season, leaving one win and seven losses (7.52 ERA). He had a good walk rate of 6.9 percent, but struggled due to his much lower strikeout rate (16.4 percent) and high home run rate (1.96 per nine innings).

“Seabold, a 27-year-old American born in 1996, is a right-handed pitcher with a physique of 188 centimeters tall and 86 kilograms, and uses strong fastballs with an average fastball speed of 150 kilometers, changeups, and sliders,” the team said.

He also added, “We expect it to play a role in the starting lineup of the Samsung Lions in the 2024 season based on strong ball power and stable control due to its excellent use of the left and right strike zone.”

“Colorado released Seabold before the Rule 5 draft, and it was reported that Seabold would advance to the KBO league,” said “Purflow,” which deals with Colorado news in SB Nation, reporting on Seabold’s Samsung contract. “Seabold has played in the big leagues so far and has not produced good results in Colorado this season.”

The media also added, “I hope Seabold will be able to find himself again in the KBO League and return to the Major League triumphantly in the near future.”

Meanwhile, Seabold said on his official YouTube channel “Lions TV,” “I’m so excited to join Samsung and I’ve only heard good things about Samsung and the KBO league. I’m so happy to be in Korea.”

Seabold said raising the curve’s capability is a major off-season task. “I’m going to adjust enough to use the curve as my main weapon,” he said.

Seabold, who said about his season goal, “It’s to lead the playoffs, play as late as possible, and have a successful season,” said, “I can’t wait to meet the fans as soon as possible, and I can’t wait to go to Daegu and play in front of you.”

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