Hong Si-hoo transformed from a ‘sick striker’ to a ‘healthy defender’ said, “I’m looking forward to next year

Hong Si-hoo (22) of Incheon United in the K League 1 professional soccer team expressed great expectations for the 2024 season after many changes.랭크카지노

Hong Si-hoo, whose current position is a striker, has undergone many changes in 2023. He was frustrated by the big injury that required about four months off, and after overcoming rehabilitation, he surprisingly transformed into a defender to confirm his potential.

Hong suffered an ankle injury in this year’s sixth round match against Daejeon Hana Citizen. At the time, Hong was in tears of great pain and frustration, and she couldn’t even step on her own, so she came to greet her in front of the away team and had to bow down.

After leaving the field for four months, Hong returned to the game against Gwangju FC in the 35th round, where he was not a striker but a flanker. Hong Si-hoo made a successful comeback to dispel concerns with his unique speed and determination.

Hong Si-hoo, who finished a season with many twists and turns, explained the background of the position change in an interview with News 1, saying, “There will definitely be a risk, but it was a good choice to take it.”

“Thankfully, Cho Sung-hwan and the coaching staff encouraged me to turn into a defender while I was rehabilitating. Honestly, I could have let him go if he didn’t like me, but I was impressed and grateful that he offered me such a new position for me. Thanks to him, I felt at ease even before I returned,” he added.

Since then, Hong has played as a defender in the remaining matches. In the 37th round home game against Ulsan Hyundai, he displayed his talent at this position, participated in the attack, and scored a goal.

Hong Si-hoo ran to head coach Cho, which also included gratitude for the teacher who helped him change his position and make a comeback.

Of course, he has not settled down as a defender yet. Compared to existing defenders, he still needs to improve his defensive performance and positioning. Still, Hong seems to enjoy transforming himself into a defender.

“I don’t feel pressured. Rather, when I was a striker, I felt pressure no matter how much people around me told me to relax. Now that I am a defender, I naturally feel empty when a similar opportunity comes,” Hong said with a smile. “I enjoy learning position and being able to play my part in a new position.”

As for how he felt about playing as a defender, he added, “I have more situations where I can use my strengths such as speed or physical fight when I defend. I’m excited because I feel like I’m displaying my strengths more.”

If you had a hard time through injury and comeback as a striker in 2023, Hong Si-hoo in 2024 will play a new role as a defender with a healthy physical condition without injury.

“My life is always new to me. I’m really looking forward to 2024 when I start as a defender. I have a lot to learn, but I want to fight without any pressure,” Hong said. “I hope next year will be the first time that Hong comes to mind when it comes to wingback.”

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