Lotte’s new foreign player Reyes, who inevitably chose ‘Yoon Hak-gil No. 29’

Lotte Giants in the professional baseball league has two uniform numbers, No. 11 (Choi Dong-won) and No. 10 (Lee Dae-ho).

In addition, there are 20 and 29 “temporary absenteeism” with the greatest possibility of designating permanent absenteeism in the future.마카오카지노도메인

No. 20 is the number used by Lim Soo-hyuk, the late second baseman who never returns, and No. 29 is the number used by Yoon Hak-gil, the most immortal “100 complete throws” record holder in the KBO League history.

Yoon Hak-gil, a KBO talent donation member who was nicknamed the “Lonely Crown Prince” by fighting hard as if he were an active player, is Lotte’s flagship pitcher who has a 3.33 ERA with 117 wins, 94 losses, 1,863 ⅔ innings in 308 professional games.

Lotte has left No. 20 and No. 29 empty, but Victor Reyes, a new foreign hitter wearing a Lotte uniform, has decided to wear No. 29 in the 2024 season.

There is an inevitable situation here. As the size of the team has recently grown, more and more players have chosen triple-digit numbers among rookie-level players

An official from Lotte explained on the 3rd, “What Reyes originally wanted was a different number. So I asked the player who used that number for understanding, but Reyes also changed his mind when he said, ‘I chose the number so I won’t forget my mother’s date.'”

Then Reyes has few options left.

Otherwise, Reyes faced a situation where he had to choose a triple-digit number, and Lotte also decided to give Reyes a number 29 after much consideration.

One of the representative baseball players with the number 29 is Adrian Beltre, who is certain to enter the Major League Baseball (MLB) Hall of Fame this year.

In the KBO League, Kim Kwang-hyun (SSG Landers), Na Ji-wan (former KIA Tigers), and Lee Taek-geun (former Kiwoom Heroes) are the players who chose No. 29.

Just because Reyes wore No. 29 this time does not mean that Yoon Hak-gil’s designation of permanent absenteeism has been canceled.

A Lotte official said, “Just because another player wore it in the middle does not mean that the number cannot be designated as a permanent vacancy. We will discuss the permanent vacancy of Yoon Hak-gil, the legendary player of our team, later on,” and asked Lotte fans for their understanding.

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