“Agreed to go to Tottenham”… 191cm tall, “Second Pandike” is close to being recruited (Romano)

Tottenham Hotspur is in a positive direction in negotiations with Genoah defender Rad Dragusin (21), who is the top recruitment target, according to a transfer market expert Fabrizio. This is after his agent said negatively about the negotiations the day before.

Reporter Romano told CutOffside on the 4th (Korea time), “I think (the negotiations between the two sides) are more than possible,” adding, “I think the negotiations are going well.”

“From what I’ve heard, the conversation was very positive,” he said. “Dragusin already agreed with Tottenham’s contract proposal a few days ago, and Enze Postecoglou agreed with Dragusin.”

He continued, “Jenoah wants 30 million euros for the transfer fee. It started at 35 million euros ㅓ, but now it is 30 million euros. Tottenham is trying to offer 23 million euros, not an official bid, but an amount that was exchanged through verbal conversations. It was a positive contact. I think there is a possibility as the relationship between the two clubs is very good. It is a good opportunity for Tottenham to bring Dragusin in a few days.”

On the previous day, Dragusin’s agent, Florin Manaea, said, “Dragusin has not agreed with any team,” when he was told that Dragusin was receiving attention from Tottenham and Napoli.

“Dragusin doesn’t think about money. He thinks about growth prospects and the team he can play for. I heard from the Saudi professional league team, but he didn’t even want to hear their proposal,” he said.

“Personally, I have never heard from Napoli, AS Roma or AC Milan. Dragusin is not thinking about leaving Genoa in the middle of the season. It is like leaving an unfinished business for him. Premier League clubs including Tottenham have been in contact with him, but he has no intention of leaving at the moment,” he continued, dismissing the possibility of a move.

If Romano is right, Tottenham can successfully recruit Dragusin if they agree on a transfer fee with Genoa through an official bid. The problem is that they have a rival team. “Napoli loves Dragusin very much,” Sky Sports Italia said on Wednesday. “We are ready to add Leo Oestigarh, who used to play for Genoa, to a transfer fee of 20 million euros.” 24-year-old Oestigarh, who is currently playing for the Norwegian national team, played in 12 Serie A matches for Napoli this season. The market value set by TransferMarkt is 10 million euros. If Oestigarh is added to the transfer fee of 20 million euros, it will far exceed the amount Tottenham is preparing for.

Romanian Dragusin is one of the rising defenders on the European stage. Juventus, which recognized Dragusin’s potential, offered a contract. Dragusin joined the Juventus youth team in 2018 and built his skills and signed a professional contract in 2020.

In order to secure playing time, he was loaned to Sampdoria in the 2021-22 season. Last season, he was loaned to Serie B Genoa, where he played as its main defender, leading the team to promotion. Genoa has activated its full transfer option, which has given it a chance to embrace Dragusin.마카오카지노도메인

As a promising player who was spotlighted in Romania, he consistently played for all ages and was named to the senior national team for the first time in March last year. As he has established himself as the main defender of the Romanian national team, he has already played 13 A matches at the age of 21.

Dragousin is a 191-centimeter-tall center back with solid physical strength, and is compared to Virgil van Dijk, a world-renowned defender of Liverpool in that he has excellent ball management ability and defense positioning. He has the advantage of being able to play as a right side defender.

Manaea recently told Sports Italia that Dragusin told me he was going to the gym. This style of training that he started with Juventus was important for his growth. He said that Dragusin told me he wanted to be the best defender in the world. So I told him that I had to train hard for my goal.

“Looking back on my 18 years as an agent, I have never seen a player so smart. He is just old enough to graduate from college. Dragusin still has a lot of room to grow. He is the best at that age. Look at him when he turns 23 or 24. He is already a strong player. With the exception of Yosuko Gvardiol, there are not many players this strong at this age,” he said.

Tottenham, which desperately needs a central defender, put Jean-Clare Todibo (Nice) and Dragusin on the list of recruits ahead of the opening of the winter transfer market at the request of Postecoglou. However, Nice has put more weight on Dragusin as it is reluctant to sell Todibo because it is currently fighting Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1 in France.

Meanwhile, defender Mickey Van Der Pen, who has been sidelined due to injury, is close to returning. It is known that he could return to the match against Manchester United at Old Trafford on the 15th at the earliest.

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