“Second draft to SSG → Catcher Competition Challenge.” Park Dae-on’s pledge, “We will deliver positive energy.”

SSG Landers had a clear concept this winter. Among various positions, the team displayed strong commitment to strengthen its home turf. The team sought to nurture existing catcher resources such as Cho Hyung-woo and make changes by transfusing external resources. This is also why SSG recruited two catchers in the second draft in November last year.

The SSG’s pick was Park Dae-on (round 1) and Shin Bum-soo (round 3). Both players had experience in the first division, and Park Dae-on, who played in more than 200 games in the first division, drew attention.

Park Dae-on, who joined the NC Dinos as the 25th pick in the second round of the 2014 rookie draft, has played in the first division games since 2015, and played more than 100 at-bats for the first time since his debut in 2022. His overall performance in seven seasons is 77 hits in 364 at-bats in 259 games with a batting average of 0.212 with two homers and 23 RBIs in the OPS of 0.519.

However, Park had not many opportunities as he had eight hits in 28 at-bats for a batting average of 0.286 with three RBIs and an OPS of 0.757 in 25 games last season. He failed to survive among outstanding catchers including Kim Hyung-joon, who showed potential as a key catcher, Park Se-hyuk and Ahn Jung-yeol. Eventually, Park who was excluded from the list of protected players will enter the 2024 season as a new team.헤라카지노

When the second draft was underway, SSG said, “After internal review, the catcher position needed the most reinforcement. We checked the list and identified good catcher’s resources, and established a round-by-round strategy to appoint two catcher’s resources with the aim of strengthening catcher’s depth. I am satisfied by selecting the players that I targeted.”

The club then named it as a first-team resource to reinforce the most urgent catcher Debs of the 2024 season. He is a catcher with abundant first-team experience, and he has excellent pitching lead and ball combination, and has excellent blocking and second base throwing ability. He is a player who does not fall far in hitting, and he is judged to be a backup catcher for the first team. He praised Park Dae-on, saying, “Catching, ball combination, and pitcher lead ability can be the most helpful to pitchers.”

“I think team adaptation comes first,” Park told reporters at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Wednesday. “I am learning about players’ tendencies and team culture while conducting individual training sessions with players. I think I was able to adapt quickly because the atmosphere was really good and my older brothers and juniors treated me comfortably.”

“I thought the atmosphere would be heavy because there were many veteran players on the team, but as I was with them, everyone took good care of me, so I had no problem adjusting,” Park said. “I became close with Park Sung-han, Chung Dong-yoon, Choi Min-joon, Park Jong-hoon and Han Doo-sol. I exercise together in the morning, and it seems like I have known each other for 10 years.”

After hearing the news that he was bound for SSG at the time of the second draft, Park said, “It was my first time feeling that way. I had a hard time for about an hour, and I shared those feelings with NC players that I had grown attached to. After that, I also thought about realistic things, and I first thought about what parts SSG picked me and what I should prepare for.”

On the other hand, there are expectations for new encounters. “I think we should get pitches from pitchers once in a while, but I’m curious about Kim Kwang-hyun’s pitches. (Park) Jong-hoon is a submarine pitcher, so I think we should get pitches from him. I think we need to study (the pitching style of pitchers) because we have a lot of good players,” Park said.

The KBO League is set to undergo new changes this season. Notably, catchers may feel more sensitive to ABS (automatic ball determination system), which is drawing keen attention, and the restriction on the number of checks. What kind of mindset is Park preparing for this season.

“I felt that the robot umpire’s judgment was narrower than the zone that pitchers thought, and surprisingly, many of them were declared strikes against high balls, so I think we need to figure out the zone well every moment,” Park said. “I think pitchers will be at a disadvantage, so I think it’s important to calmly resolve the issue through communication and others. In a way, we don’t have to worry about framing. As for the number of checks, runners will have more attempts to steal bases, so we talked about how well they can check catchers. If they communicate with players, they will adapt well. I am confident in my ability to check. I will practice harder for the team.”

Considering the team’s weak home ground, Park may aim for the main catcher, but Park had a different opinion. “I don’t think I’ll play more because I’m weak on the catcher side. I’m excited to start anew in a different environment because the environment has changed. In that sense, I think it will be a good opportunity to share positive energy, and I think it will be more effective if we give good things to the team,” Park said.

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