“It’s too expensive vs. There’s nothing urgent.” Will the Season trade be delayed

Will Dylan Seese (28), who was expected to change his uniform immediately, start the 2024 season at the Chicago White Sox?

USA Today mentioned the possibility of right-handed starter Seese remaining in the Chicago White Sox on the 8th (Korean time).

According to this, the Chicago White Sox may hold Seas until the July trade deadline after the opening of the 2024 season.헤라카지노

The Chicago White Sox mentioned a Seas trade late last year. A young pitcher with strikeout capability was on the market. Several teams rushed to the Seas trade.

However, it turns out that the Chicago White Sox want top 100 prospects plus two additional prospects in return for Seas. As a result, teams that want to recruit players are hesitating.

The New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles, who need to strengthen their starters, are mentioned as the Seas trade target teams. Baltimore has several good prospects.

In his fifth year in the Major League, Seas pitched 177 innings in 33 games last season, going 7-9 with a 4.58 ERA. He has 214 strikeouts.

Although his performance dropped significantly from his 2.20 ERA in the last 2022 season, he still has excellent strikeouts. He has not lost his ball power.

As a result, Seize is evaluated as capable of producing top-notch performances again anytime. Last year, Seize ranked second in the American League Cy Young Award.

However, Shees’ problem is ball control. She had 78 walks last year and 79 walks last season. This is pointed out as Shees’ biggest weakness.

Seas will be eligible for FA after the 2025 season. As a result, the Chicago White Sox still have more time.

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