Two releases → 26SV rebound → 800 million FA contract with Samsung… Excited about 39-year-old veteran, “I have a connection, two special finishes behind me.”

The Samsung Lions, which struggled through bullpen sessions last season, has continued to move wildly off-season. It brought in KT Wiz closer Kim Jae-yoon for a four-year maximum of 5.8 billion won, and in the second draft, it recruited LG Twins left-hander Choi Sung-hoon and Kiwoom Heroes right-hander Yang Hyun. In addition, it also included Lee Min-ho, who was released from the NC Dinos.

It was not the end. Although his contract with Oh Seung-hwan, a stone Buddha, is not over yet, he recruited an outside FA bullpen pitcher. It is Lim Chang-min, a 39-year-old veteran pitcher. Samsung signed a two-year contract with Lim for a total of 800 million won (down payment of 300 million won, annual salary of 400 million won, option of 100 million won).헤라카지노도메인

Samsung expressed its expectation, saying, “We expect to build the league’s best bullpen and create a positive synergy effect with young players in the team through the recruitment of veteran pitcher Lim Chang-min.”

Im Chang-min, a native of Gwangju Dongsung High School and Yonsei University, played for NC from the 2013 season after joining Woori Heroes (currently Kiwoom Heroes) as the 11th pick in the second round in 2008. Here, Im Chang-min’s heyday began.

Starting with 54 games in the 2013 season, he garnered six wins, six losses, four saves, and nine holds, and played in more than 60 games for three consecutive seasons from the 2015 season to the 2017 season, earning more than 26 saves. He solidly kept the mound. In the 2020 season, he posted a record of seven wins, two losses and 11 holds with an ERA of 5.26 in 44 games, and contributed to NC’s first win in the Korean Series with a record of zero earned runs in two games and one hold.

After the 2021 season, he was released by NC after recording 25 wins, 94 saves, and 50 holds with an ERA of 3.77 in 399 games. NC informed him that he could not renew his contract. Later, he joined hands with the Doosan Bears in the 2022 season, but he left a regret with two saves and six holds with an ERA of 3.95 in 32 games.

Lim Chang-min, who suffered another release test, has teamed up with Kiwoom. An annual salary of 100 million. Lim showed off his old skills by recording two wins, two losses, 26 saves and one hold with an ERA of 2.51 in 51 games. For the first time in six years since the 2017 season, he has played in more than 50 games and achieved 20 saves. Judging that he would fully display his skills, Samsung recruited Lim Chang-min to strengthen its depth.

Lim Chang-min’s overall KBO record is 27 wins, 29 losses, 122 saves, and 57 holds with a 3.73 ERA in 487 games.

Lim Chang-min, who recently had a phone conversation with MK Sports, said, “I feel great that the contract went well. Samsung has tradition and is a strong team. I played for several teams so far, but I think I have a lot to learn from Samsung as well. I’m looking forward to it.”

Samsung’s general manager Lee Jong-yeol’s continued courtship was enough to catch Lim Chang-min’s heart. “The general manager kept trying to recruit me. He didn’t give up even though I sent a message that I might go to another team (laughs). Maybe that’s why I came to Samsung, too,” Lim Chang-min said.

Ahead of the last season, he left Doosan Bears to Kiwoom and secured the back door. I heard that he has rejuvenated, recording 20 saves in six years since he recorded 29 saves in the 2017 season. Perhaps it was not easy to leave Kiwoom, which gave him a chance.

“Of course, I wanted to stay,” Lim said carefully. “Last season was one of the most enjoyable seasons while playing baseball. I will never forget it. Of course, I was disappointed with the team’s performance, but Kiwoom fans cheered for me passionately and gave me great energy regardless of whether I won or lost. The time we spent together was short, but thank you for giving me so many memories. I will not forget the memories of last season in my future,” he said with sincerity.

Now he has to play for Samsung. Samsung was the lowest with a 5.19 ERA in the bullpen last season. The No. 1 team in the league has suffered 38 come-from-behind losses, the most in the league. Veteran Lim Chang-min needs to give strength to Samsung.

“I think I needed a player who can use the bullpen in the right place. I also expect Oh Seung-hwan to renew his contract. I have two special-class finishes behind me, so I should serve as a link. I don’t think he recruited me simply based on my performance. If I show my actions as I am, I think it will be a big help to young pitchers as well,” Lim said.

“These days, there are a lot of players who are good at it even when they get older. Achieving something new is a great and enjoyable thing. Also, if an older player makes a good performance after signing a FA contract, it will be reevaluated. That’s why I’m very excited about the upcoming season,” he said with a smile.

Lim Chang-min, who greeted his Samsung fans at the end, said, “It was an issue in the media even before the contract. Maybe that’s why Samsung fans asked me to come to Samsung (laughs). Thank you so much for your welcome. Samsung fans are enthusiastic. I hope you can enjoy baseball games.”

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