Dense defense that relies on ‘autonomy’ of the offense… It was led by Seol Young-woo and Lee Gi-je, and eventually it depends on both sides

Jürgen Klinsmann, the head coach of the Korean national soccer team, gave autonomy to the strikers after taking the helm. This means that he will respect the personal abilities and momentary choices of overseas players, including captain Son Heung-min (32, Tottenham Hotspur), Lee Kang-in (23, Paris Saint-Germain), and Hwang Hee-chan (28, Wolverhampton).

Lee’s autonomy was not compatible with Lee’s initial appointment, but it became the secret to winning six consecutive exhibition games recently. However, there is also a risk that the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup should depend on their individual abilities.

Of course, the current national team’s strikers are considered the strongest combination. However, breaking the dense defense is always a challenge. If a player does not score a goal, he or she will be in a hurry, which causes a slight mismatch in breathing. In the match against Iraq, Korea also staged an offensive on the wave in the second half when all of its key resources were deployed, but failed to score a goal. It is a disappointing outcome considering that Korea unilaterally pushed Iraq.랭크카지노주소

Most teams that the national team will meet at the Asian Cup are likely to lower their defensive lines. Only Japan, Australia, and Iran will not take the form of counterattack against the national team. The rest of the team has no choice but to play a so-called “dense defense” that completely lowers its defensive line.

The way to break through dense defense is through fast left-right transitions and accurate side crosses. It is a tactic to use this to cause cracks in the defense line to see if there is a chance to score. In the end, the active participation of defenders from both sides should be supported by teamwork with strikers.

Manager Clinton uses Lee Ki-je (Suwon Samsung) for the left side and Seol Young-woo (Ulsan HD) for the right side. Kim Jin-soo (Jeonbuk Hyundai) and Kim Tae-hwan (Ulsan HD) will support them. Lee Kang-in and Hwang Hee-chan, who are likely to take charge of side attacks, will inevitably suffer from opponent teams’ aggressive checks just like they did against Iraq.

In this case, Lee Ki-je and Seol Young-woo’s bold and challenging attack is needed. Lee showed several penetration passes using his specialty of left foot kick in the match against Iraq. There is a regret in defense, but Lee Ki-je’s sharp left foot kick could be another offensive option for the national team. Seol Young-woo’s strength is his connection and bold breakthrough rather than explosive speed. The national team tends to put weight on defense, but it also requires a bold forward.

Cho Kyu-sung, a front-line striker who will work with them at the gate, is excellent not only in providing the right to provide but also in the moment when he breaks down the opponent’s defensive line. In order not to rely on certain strikers such as Lee Kang-in and Hwang Hee-chan, the help of resources from both sides is also urgently needed.

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