The second Kim Jin-wook, Cho Dae-hyun, and Yuk Cheong-myung will be nurtured… The misfortune of a 1R pitcher and a catcher with a ‘40% pinch hitter’ gathered in ‘Gangneung’ to cultivate juniors

Recently, Gangneung High School recruited a new team of coaches. It appointed Sung Young-hoon as its pitching coach and Choi Yong-je as its battery coach. Kim Jong-won will be in charge of the chief and fielder.

Players who had never been able to perform at Doosan gathered in Gangneung. Gangneung High School has established itself as a “master library” by producing Cho Ha-haeng (Doosan), Kim Jin-wook (Lotte), Yuk Cheong-myeong (KT), and Cho Dae-hyun (KIA).

Sung Young-hoon was a painful finger for Doosan. Sung, who first joined Doosan Bears as a designated player in 2009, threw fast balls up to 150 kilometers per hour, raising expectations as a promising fastball player.헤라카지노

At the 2008 World Youth Baseball Championship, he was selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

I didn’t see the light of the talent that heaven gave me. The overwork held me back.

He appeared in nine games in his first year and had two wins and an unbeaten ERA of 3.38, but he ruptured his elbow ligament while pitching in Game 4 of the playoffs against the Samsung Lions in 2010.

After the surgery, he solved the military problem as a social service worker and aimed for the next one, but this time his shoulder was in trouble. Shoulder pain began in 2013, and eventually, he even underwent arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder in 2015.

After a long rehabilitation tunnel, he was registered as a first-team entry on May 20, 2017, and immediately came to the mound and pitched one scoreless inning. However, he was again excluded from the first-team entry due to back pain.

He played in five Futures League games, but suffered elbow pain again. Surgery again. Eventually, Doosan also made a decision. That year, he excluded Sung Young-hoon from the suspended list and did not renew his contract.

Although he couldn’t blossom on the mound, he helped by delivering know-how to his juniors in rehabilitation when he was in the second division. He will deliver his experiences from success to failure to players in college baseball.

Battery coach Choi Yong-je joined Doosan as a training player in 2014. He became an official player in 2016, and he worked with Dustin Nippert in his first game. He showed off his batting talent by hitting hits in his first game.

In 2021, he was able to truly appreciate Choi. He was mostly a pinch-hitter, but he recorded a batting average of 279 in 79 games. He hit as hard as .400, and was often used as a reliable hitter in a competitive position.

As he played for Doosan, which produced outstanding catchers such as Yang Eui-ji (Doosan) and Park Se-hyuk (NC), he is expected to deliver extraordinary catcher know-how.

Although he took off his uniform as a professional player without making his first-team debut at Doosan, Kim Jong-won, who directly felt the process of fostering professionals in the Miyazaki Education League, will help the growth of the fielders.

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