Even Yoshino, a New Face…Daegu Soothes 5 Foreigners From the 1st Winter by Joining ‘All’

Daegu, led by head coach Choi Won-kwon, will leave for off-season training in Thailand through Gimhae International Airport in the late afternoon on September 9. The team is headed to Chiang Rai. After arriving at Chiang Mai Airport, the team will take a bus to move to Chiang Rai again. The team will harden the team until the end of this month in Chiang Rai. The team will hold its second off-season training in Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province from September 3.

Daegu has brought all five of its foreign players, including its new face Kyohay Yoshino. Kyohay has also arrived in Korea, and Cesinha, Edga, Basselus and Beltola will also leave for Thailand. Basselus and Basselus, who had teamed up for the first time last season, will be able to team up starting from the first training camp. The decision was made as Choi requested the players in person.랭크카지노도메인

It is not common for all foreign players to follow suit from the first training camp. Especially, foreign players want to spend one more day with their family members in their home country. There are quite a few players who join from the second training camp. Sejingya joined the team desperately to help the new season, as he had a long absence due to injury at the end of last season.

Daegu showed no significant movement in the transfer market. Three foreign strikers (Sejingya, Edgar, and Vaselus) who played last season will remain in the team. However, defender Hong Jeong-woon gained free agency status and moved to Daejeon Hana Citizen. Another defender, Cho Jin-woo and midfielder Lee Jin-yong, left for Gimcheon Sangmu to serve in the military.

Daegu needed to reinforce its defenders to form the three-back team. Thus, it successfully recruited a defender who almost signed a contract with Gwangju FC. It is known that Ko also wanted to move to Daegu. In addition, the team added Kyohay Yoshino, who can be seen as both defensive midfielders and central defenders, to reinforce its back door. Choi also planned to hire Ryohay as a defensive midfielder. This also reflects the influence of Lee Jin-yong, who used to display gritty play in the midfield, to join the military. The key is to play with midfielder Beltola, who showed satisfactory performance by recruiting him in the summer.

Two of Daegu’s three main defenders left the team last season. The team needs to hone its defensive teamwork. Daegu was the lowest in ball occupancy ratio last season. As such, rapid counterattacks based on solid defense were effective. Despite ups and downs, the team also achieved success in advancing to the Final A (semi-finals). Daegu has begun its journey to advance to the Asian Champions League (ACL), its goal for the new season.

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