SON, hello for a moment → Werner is on loan as a substitute, why Tottenham chose “to play in Euro + win here”

Timo Werner (28) was strong-willed. He is trying to make up for his failure in the Premier League at Tottenham. He is also committed to presenting the trophy, which is Tottenham’s long-cherished task. According to European soccer expert Fabrizio Romano, Tottenham is responsible for all six-month weekly wages.마카오카지노도메인

“We have brought Werner on loan. Werner, a former member of the German national team, signed a half-season loan agreement until the end of the 2023-24 season. There is a condition that he can invoke the option of fully recruiting this summer,” Tottenham announced on Wednesday. Werner has the number to play for Tottenham as No. 16.

Through Tottenham’s official page, I could hear how it felt to join Werner. Looking for another comeback in the Premier League, he said, “A lot of things made me fall in love with you. Postecoglou told me why I should join Tottenham and how to do it. I once had a showdown with Tottenham in Chelsea and Leipzig. I am happy to be a member of the Tottenham club. I thought everything was just right for me.”

“I had a lot of conversations with Coach Postecoglou. When I joined Chelsea, I said I wanted to win the championship, but I won the Champions League. I came here to win the title at Tottenham. I know how much my speed has threatened my opponent in the Premier League. I will show such things to Tottenham.”

Tottenham had a major change in its team in the summer of 2023. Coach Enzi Postecoglou has prepared for Harry Kane’s absence from the pre-season. The reason is the transfer. Harry Kane, who was in charge of Tottenham’s front line for a while and competed for the Premier League’s top scorer, decided to leave the team. He wanted to win the title at Tottenham, but admitted that his chances were slim, and moved to Bayern Munich, a team that competes for the UEFA Champions League.

Postecoglou placed Hisharlisson and others at No. 9 to check the team’s tactics. He tried to narrow the void left by Harry Kane. He played the striker role for Hisharlisson from the opening game against Brentford, but his performance was not what he wanted.

Since then, he has placed Son in the ninth position. Son has displayed his presence as a captain by posting points on offense even at the position of frontline striker. Midway through the season, he gave Hisharlisson the ninth position again, and gave Son as a winger, but his sharpness remained intact.

However, he had to participate in the Asian Cup after 20 rounds of Premier League schedule. Son Heung-min was unavailable after the last match in 2023. The Korean team is aiming to win the title at the Asian Cup, which will take place around Qatar from January 12, and if it advances to the final, it will be until February 10. Tottenham cannot keep the captaincy for about a month.

In the early days of the transfer window, Tottenham wanted to recruit Ivan Toney (Brentford). When Kane left for Bayern Munich last summer, Ivan Toney was the target of Tottenham. He was ranked third in scoring goals with 20 goals in the Premier League last season.

With good physical conditions, he excelled in competition to secure flying ball, and displayed robust decision-making ability. Although it is a question mark as he has limited playing time due to illegal betting issues, he is now on the radar of high ranking teams in the Premier League. If he gets on track, he is highly competitive. His London rivals Chelsea and Arsenal also jumped into the race to recruit him. Tottenham also needed him as its top priority was strengthening the forward and backward position. However, Brentford manager Thomas Trank declared that he would not hand over Tony to another team, which went up in smoke.

Since then, Werner has been in touch with each other. Werner received quite a lot of team love calls because he had experience in the Premier League. In the first half of the 2023-24 season, teams that needed supplementation with the No. 9 striker and frontline decisions were drooling at Werner. Aston Villa and Manchester United put Werner in their shopping cart, but Tottenham made the final decision.

“HERE WE GO” Fabrizio Romano, who announced it before the official announcement during the transfer window, also said, “He will join Tottenham on loan within the next 48 hours. He was also excluded from the Leipzig squad. As it is known, negotiations are in the final stages and a decision is pending. Tottenham plans to take responsibility for 100 percent of Werner’s short-term rental income until June.”

“I will join Tottenham on a short six-month loan deal. I am currently in the final stages of negotiations with Leipzig,” German Sky Sports reporter Florian Flettenberg reported. “Werner is ready to leave Leipzig and join Tottenham.”

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