“It’s really only you now!” Bayern Munich is aiming for Tottenham Hotspur release after failed hijacking

Bayern Munich will speed up the recruitment of Eric Dier.

Britain’s Independent reported on the 11th (Korea time) that “Munich and Tottenham are in early negotiations regarding Dyer’s transfer. Coach Thomas Tuchel is focusing on securing defensive midfielders and center backs this winter, and Dyer can play both positions.”

“Munich is also interested in Chelsea Trevor Chalobah and Fulham João Palinha, but signing Dier is much easier. In addition, it is difficult to negotiate whether Chalobah is complicated by injury or not. Dier was once a key player with Tottenham and England, but he has recently fallen into a stagnation. However, Tuchel believes Dier can add solid defensive performance,” he added.마카오카지노주소

The deal is expected to be finalized. “Dyer is on the list of Munich recruits and a verbal agreement has been reached in principle,” said Florian Flettenberg, a German Sky Sports and a well-known source in Munich. Dyer and Munich were connected last summer, and they never lost contact. Tuchel and the Munich leadership discussed and analyzed Dyer for several days, and he is one of the most interesting candidates as they can play the entire defense position.”

Last season, Munich managed to secure Meisterschalle (winning the German Bundesliga). It defeated Dortmund in the final match of the league and became the champion. It would have been impossible if Mainz, led by Lee Jae-sung, had not caught Dortmund. Munich and Tuchel, which desperately worked hard to recruit and supply players ahead of the season’s opening, throughout the transfer market. They have significantly strengthened their capabilities by recruiting Kim Min-jae as center back and Harry Kane as the forward line.

However, defensive anxiety continues to be pointed out. The biggest problem is the center back. Only the new recruit Kim Min-jae is in stable condition, while his partners Dayo Upamecano and Matthijs the Licht are alternately suffering from injuries. Among the several players, there is a possibility that Dyer, who is said to have been recommended by Kane, could join Munich.

Munich reportedly attempted to hijack Radu Dragusin, who was about to go to Tottenham, but the deal fell through. Now Munich has turned to Dier.

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