Choi Ik-sung, CEO of the Journeyman Military Academy, said, “All events in the player protection forum should spread.”

CEO Choi Ik-sung organized the 1st Player Protection Forum at Seoul National University’s Sports and Culture Education Research Center on the 11th and selected a new challenge. Among the active players, Ko Young-pyo (KT) and Heo Kyung-min (Doosan) participated, and Shim Soo-chang and Lee Dae-eun, including CEO Choi Ik-sung, attended as retired players. And it went quite smoothly as commentator Min Hoon-ki conducted the overall process.

Choi Ik-sung, who responded to the call with MHN Sports after the event, was quite reminded. It was because the event went better than I thought. CEO Choi said, “More people attended and showed interest than I thought. Thank you for coming all the way.” About 100 participants are known to have attended the forum, which was attended by parents and baseball fans, including student players.

CEO Choi went on to say, “This forum should not stop at a one-off event.” “We need to set up a forum to protect players over the next two or three times, and I will also try to have this continuity. And in the first inning, it started with baseball, which is something that should not be done only with baseball. In the future, it should be expanded to all sports, including ball sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball,” he said, revealing that he could hold forums on other sports in the future.헤라카지노도메인

Choi Ik-seong, who also serves as the CEO of the Players Protection Institute, played as an “altoran” while he was an active player, moving around many teams like his nickname. Starting with Samsung, he returned to Samsung after playing for Hanwha, LG, KIA, and Hyundai, and spent 12 seasons as a pro after SK in 2005. His overall performance amounted to 450 hits (batting average of 0.267), 60 homers, 216 RBIs and 309 runs scored.

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