Kyung Hee University captain Woo Sang-hyun’s determination, “I will go back to my initial mindset and start defending again.”

What Woo Sang-hyun emphasized was defense, not offense.

Kyung Hee University (hereinafter referred to as Kyung Hee University) headed to Mokpo for off-season training from Jan. 8 to Feb. 3 for the upcoming college league. The team will develop its practical sense through exercise matches as well as physical training.

Kyung Hee University struggled to advance to the playoffs by ranking eighth last season. However, there are no senior players on the team for the upcoming season. Woo Sang-hyun (1,190 cm tall, G) will be the team’s captain for the upcoming season.라바카지노주소

“He has good leadership and skills. He has good shooting and good mobility,” Kyung Hee University coach Kim Hyun-guk said. “I hope Sang-hyun will lead the players well while working hard.”

Woo Sang-hyun, whom I met at the off-season training, said, “Until now, I was in the lower grades. This time, I’m in the third grade again, but I took the captain’s position because there were no older brothers. I think it’s very different from when I was in high school. The responsibility is very great, and there is also a burden. I’m thinking about how to lead the team,” he said, expressing the captain’s responsibility.

He added, “It’s still early days, so I’m not doing anything special. Still, I’m trying to create the best atmosphere possible. I’m helping everyone follow what the coach and coach have prepared. I think I need to communicate well with the coach and the coach.”

Last season, Woo spent the third longest period playing in the team. He played in offense and defense. However, he focused too much on offense. “I will go back to my initial commitment and start from defense again in the upcoming season,” Woo said, before adding, “I’m trying harder in that area as well.”

“Last season, we had ups and downs. I think we lacked practice. We are trying to fix our teeth. We are fixing our shooting posture again. We used our wrists too much when shooting. I think we had ups and downs. Now, we have found our shooting balance through practice. We will show a different side than last season,” he said.

Lastly, he concluded the interview with his personal goal of “Personally, I want to hear that he has grown and improved more than last year. Now, I want to present various offensive options as well as shooting. However, the most important thing is defense,” and “As a team, I want to perform better next year as well. I don’t have any seniors, but I think that if everyone plays basketball with one mind, it will create synergy.”

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