“The scene where my mom and dad came out was so touching that I almost cried.” SF fans said in Lee Jung-hoo’s video, “I’m going to become an NVP in two years.”

San Francisco fans who watched Lee Jung-hoo’s video of visiting the San Francisco Giants are enthusiastic.

The San Francisco Giants YouTube channel recently posted a 4 minute, 42 second video.헤라카지노주소

Lee Jung-hoo expressed his determination, saying, “I will leave my performance in Korea behind and start anew. I hope I can do the same in the Major League as in Korea.”

In particular, the video shows mother Jeong Yeon-hee and father Lee Jong-beom talking about their son.

Jeong Yeon-hee said of Lee Jung-hoo, “I was introverted, but my personality has changed since I was in middle school. My dream has grown bigger.”

Lee Jong-beom said, “What the queen thinks and everything is superior to me. I feel that I can succeed enough if I try with that kind of mentality.”

In response, San Francisco fans posted comments welcoming Lee Jung-hoo to join the team.

One fan wrote, “What a video. It’s fun to see him with his parents, and it’s interesting to see the obvious pride they feel.”

Another fan said, “I’ve been a Giants fan since 1969 and I’m looking forward to Lee Jung-hoo and our team. I’m a Giants fan for the rest of my life and can’t wait to see how he’ll perform on the field. I’m looking forward to what he’ll bring to the team.”

Another fan wrote, “I met him the night I was filming this video at the Golden State Warriors basketball game. Very humble. Let’s all cheer for number 51!”

One fan said, “I almost cried when my mother and father came out because I got emotional watching this video. I wish Lee Jung-hoo all the best, and I think I should draft him into my fantasy team.”

“Lee Jung-hoo will do well. He is already the best player, winning the MVP award, but he always listens to the manager and tries to change himself. MLB may be different from the KBO, but he will adapt well and make his fans happy. Becoming an All-Star in two years,” some fans wrote.

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