Exposing the fact of irregularities in the independent league, it will be cold water for the success of professional baseball

Above all, there were many stories. As the LG Twins won the unified championship for the first time in 29 years, they solved the problem (限) that they did not win for a long time, and KT, which became the runner-up in the Korean Series, also showed off its potential to rise to the second place after moving from the bottom. In addition, SSG, NC, and Doosan also made efforts to shake off their sluggish performances at the WBC since before last season. As a result, they were able to regain competitiveness in the international arena by winning the Asian Games, the runner-up prize at the APBC, and the bronze medal at the Asian Championship.헤라카지노도메인

Of course, one season was not played entirely. In some cases, an individual’s deviation from drunk driving affected the entire club, and after the season, SSG showed a fairly noisy move, failing to show a side like the 2022 season’s wire-to-wire winner. Under these circumstances, dark clouds were also cast over the entire independent league club, which played baseball only at its own expense to enter the professional league. The misconduct of a team executive A affected the entire league, and this was the situation.

A always showed off his friendship with the local team manager B to his players. It would have been over if he had stopped bragging about himself, but the problem was that he used that friendship to extort money from a player. A received tens of millions of won from C, who was the fourth batter of high school baseball, on the pretext of joining professional baseball. C, who did not do anything special even after handing over the money, reported the professional baseball team to the KBO Clean Center, and A also filed a complaint. In this process, C resigned from the independent league team and quit baseball. From C’s point of view, he was in a situation where he lost both baseball and money.

This incident has forced professional scouting teams to be cautious about approaching the independent league. It is because good players can be recruited as nurturing players without a down payment, but if you bring a player, you may be misunderstood as ‘Didn’t you bring them for money?’ An executive’s deviation from his desperate mind to join the professional league brought a crisis to the whole league.

In addition to the fact of irregularities, it has been revealed that there are baseball teams that are not transparent at the association or school level. For example, after the independent league ended with the victory of Yeoncheon Miracle last year, the Gyeonggi-do Baseball Softball Association announced that it will participate in the Intercontinental Professional Baseball Series (IPBS) competition in Colombia from January 25 to February 1. However, no information has been provided on which players from the independent league baseball team will participate and by what size. In response, multiple coaches who asked not to be named told MHN Sports, “The association is unilaterally conducting both the appointment of the national team coach and the selection of the team. We are just asking for transparent disclosure, but we are just trying to push ahead despite the opposition. Is it so unfair to ask for transparent disclosure?” he said. In fact, none of the information related to this was posted on the Gyeonggi-do Association’s website.

In addition to these problems, there are also a lot of reports from the student baseball side. It is a problem related to player management. Including club teams, new founding teams of schools can freely register with the Korea Baseball Softball Association as long as they secure coaching staff, players, and sports venues. All of these preparations will lead to participation in the weekend league, and if the number of players is not secured, they have to give up participation in the league even if they want to. In the process, there are also unpleasant stories about player registration. If this is revealed, another wave may occur. All of these are also matters to be sorted out ahead of the season.

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