KB Stars Park Jisoo shines the most in the paint zone

Cheongju KB Stars won 60-55 against Asan Woori Bank in the fourth round of the women’s professional basketball league between 2023 and 2024 at Asan Lee Soon-shin Gymnasium on the 14th. KB Stars’ season record, which has won five consecutive games, is 16 wins and two losses. It widened the gap with second-ranked Woori Bank to one and a half games.

KB Stars has a clear advantage in height compared to Woori Bank. This is all thanks to Park Ji-soo, the center of the Korean national team. Park Ji-soo is able to overcome the lineup of Kim Dan-bi (180 cm tall, F), Park Ji-hyun (182 cm, G), and Choi Yi-sam (182 cm, F).

Park Ji-soo is the “big man” as a whole. He boasts high influence in offense and defense by banking on his overwhelming post control. He can throw up to three mid-range jumpers and physical conditions with a good touch of his shot, and his athletic ability is well-equipped compared to his physical conditions. He also has the ability to neutralize double-team defense or trap defense that comes into him with wide field of view and pass capabilities.

Therefore, teams that face Park Ji-soo and KB Stars try to block Park Ji-soo in a double-layered manner. The toughest defenders in the team are asked to block Park Ji-soo first, and players with good defensive sense are asked to check Park Ji-soo second. Park Ji-soo is asked to catch the ball as far away as possible in the paint zone, and even if Park Ji-soo catches the ball in the paint zone, he is encouraged to pass outside.라바카지노주소

This is because Park Ji-soo at the low post is more powerful than Park Ji-soo at the high post. Park Ji-soo, who lost most of the 2022-2023 season due to injury,’s mid-range jumper success rate has been lower than before.

Park Ji-soo struggled throughout the first quarter under intense pressure from Woori Bank. Kim Dan-bi and Lee Myung-kwan (173 cm, F) did not hesitate to engage in physical struggle with Park, who is 15 centimeters taller than themselves. As a result, Park failed all three of his under-the-basket attacks in the first quarter. Rather, he was groomed. He recorded two turnovers without scoring a goal.

Park Ji-soo, desperate, somehow managed to get under the basket from the second quarter. If there was any gap, he did not hesitate to seek a goal. KB Stars also started to expand its score with Park Ji-soo’s score.

Park Ji-soo, however, was not in a good condition. He also actively tried to shoot under the basket in the third quarter, but missed easy scoring opportunities. Instead, Park Ji-soo had a clear control over the board. In the third quarter alone, he cleared nine rebounds, including five offensive rebounds. That was why KB Stars was able to maintain its dominance despite its poor field pitching success rate.

Then, Park made a comeback in the fourth quarter, when she was the winner. Regardless of her physical condition, the KB Stars’ clear attack route was Park Ji-soo. Heo Ye-eun (165 centimeters, G), who led the game against Woori Bank’s fierce chase, also increased her utilization of Park Ji-soo. She overcame Woori’s intensive defense to score consistently.

Heo Ye-eun and Lee Yoon-mi (172 cm, F) were also encouraged by Park Ji-soo’s performance, which seemed to be a support. They decided the game with two critical steals. Without Park Ji-soo’s performance, which had been struggling to score a goal, they would not have been able to produce a steal.

The game made it even clearer. Park Ji-soo is bound to be more powerful in the paint zone. KB Stars players also need to sharpen their outer shots to fully enjoy Park’s effect.

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