Seoul City Hall defeated Gwangju City Corporation to regain second place in a day

Seoul City Hall beat Gwangju City Corporation 30-23 in the women’s first round of the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 handball H-League held at Gwangmyeong Civic Gymnasium in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do on the 14th.마카오카지노주소

Seoul City Hall came in second with three wins, one draw and one loss, and seven points, while Gwangju City Corporation came in sixth with one win, one draw and two losses and three points.

The first half was tight. With Gwangju City Corporation’s solid defense coming to life, Seoul City Hall continued its close game despite goalkeeper Chung Jin-hee’s good defense.

As the Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation raised its defense in preparation for the breakthrough of the Seoul City Hall, it was not easy for Seoul City Hall players with good personal skills to break through, which led to the remaining mistakes.

Shooting Gwangju City Corporation Kim Seo-jin. Photo = Courtesy of the Korea Handball Federation
The Seoul Metropolitan Government was effective by intensively marking Kim Ji-hyun of the Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation, who has good mid-range shots, but the Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation led the attack by attempting to break through as Aika, who moves quickly, coordinated the game.

Seoul City Hall wanted to run away 4-1 in the beginning, but Kim Ji-hyun scored consecutive goals to tie the game 4-4. Afterwards, they exchanged one or two points each other, not allowing a gap of more than one point, and continued a close game to the point where they turned the tables again and again. Eventually, thanks to Song Ji-young’s goal at the end of the first half, Seoul City Hall finished with a 15-14 lead.

As Kim Geum-soon was injured in the second half, the Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation’s defense was shaken, allowing Seoul City Hall to score consecutive goals. With goalkeeper Chung Jin-hee’s save, Seoul City Hall scored four goals in a row, widening the gap to five points from 24-19.

As Gwangju City Corporation made a series of mistakes, Seoul City Hall made a quick attack and ran 27-20. With the return of Kim Geum-soon of Gwangju City Corporation, the defense became solid again, and the gap did not widen as Seoul City Hall widely used its players. In the end, Seoul City Hall won 30-23.

In this game, Kwon Han-na of Seoul City Hall scored the first 1,300 goals ever, and Yoon Ye-jin achieved the 25th 500 goals ever.

Seoul City Hall was selected as Match MVP with Ubitna, who scored the most goals, scoring 7 goals and 9 assists, and goalkeeper Chung Jin-hee recorded 16 saves to hold Gwangju City Corporation back.

Gwangju City Corporation led the attack with Kim Ji-hyun and Seo A-ru scoring seven goals side by side, and goalkeeper Park Jo-eun recorded 16 saves.

Kwon Han-na, who scored the first 1,300 goals in history, said, “I didn’t think about the record, but I only focused on the game, but with the help of my teammates, I was able to achieve the 1300 goal record. It was a moment when I needed a victory due to the sluggish last game, but I’m sorry I didn’t help my team members because I didn’t take advantage of a good opportunity, but I’m glad I won.” He expressed regret over the fact that he did not play satisfactorily despite achieving the milestone.

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