‘It’s a thief! A thief on a weekly basis’ Liverpool veteran MF ‘Son Heung-min on a weekly basis’ for 9 months ‘receiving free’

Britain’s Sports Bible paid attention to Thiago’s situation on the 17th (Korea time), saying, “The amount that Thiago Alcantara has earned since his last match will surprise fans.”라바카지노

Thiago is one of the players who has never made an appearance for Liverpool this season. A long injury has held him back. Thiago’s last appearance was in a league match against West Ham in April 2023, where he has not been on the pitch for about nine months since that match.

Sports Bible said, “Thiago suffered several injury problems while at Liverpool that made it difficult for him to play. He last played in April last year. Since then, he has made a huge amount of money,” adding that Thiago received a huge weekly wage while he was sidelined due to injury.

Thiago is also a high-paid player in Liverpool, and he reportedly receives 200,000 pounds per week. This is equivalent to Son Heung-min (210,000 pounds), Tottenham’s highest paid player. As he received 7.2 million pounds (about 12 billion won) during his absence, Liverpool fans are expected to feel even more frustrated.

Photo = Capture UK Sports Bible homepage
Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, however, said Thiago’s absence is all the more regrettable than his free weekly wage. Despite his chronic injury problems, Thiago has certainly displayed his skills when he plays. He has also contributed greatly to the process of winning the FA Cup and the League Cup since moving to Liverpool.

When asked about Thiago’s long-term absence in November, Klopp first expressed regret, saying, “I want to bring him in. But nothing has changed at the moment, so I can’t provide information about him.”

Thiago made his professional debut with Barcelona in 2009 and was called by Pep Guardiola in 2013 to wear a Bayern uniform. After seven seasons with Bayern, he moved to Liverpool after falling behind in the main competition. Liverpool also played a key role in the team’s midfield from the 2020-2021 season to the last season.

Although Liverpool has been sidelined for an extended period of time due to injury this season, many teams still want Thiago. Saudi Arabia’s Al Itipark and Brazil’s Flamengo reportedly want Thiago.

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