“Other starters had a hard time because of Otani” Revealed, LAD Should Be Very Worried Next Year

Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who underwent elbow surgery in September last year, will not take the mound this year.

At the end of the season, he is said to try to defend the outfield, but he can be considered as the only designated hitter. The Dodgers expects Ohtani to return to the mound as a pitcher in 2025 as he is fit.

However, a problem arises. If Ohtani joins the rotation next year, the Dodgers may have to start sixth. Ohtani started according to a six-man rotation rather than a five-man rotation when he was with the Los Angeles Angels.월카지노주소

On Ohtani, who is accustomed to pitching once a week in the Japanese professional baseball league, the Angels used a six-man rotation to ease the burden of double pitching and hitting. For three years from 2021 when he started pitching and hitting in earnest to last year, he took the mound mainly based on the six-man rotation.

The six-man rotation has more than five days off. Ohtani usually took the mound after a five- or six-day break.

In 2021, he pitched in six games and took more than six days off. In 2022, he increased the number of five-day breaks to 12 games, and took more than six days off to 16 games. In the last season, he pitched in 15 games after a five-day break, and played in seven games for more than six days. He never took a mound after a four-day break that an average starter plays. In total, there was one game where a starter rested for three days, 33 games for five days, and 52 games where he rested for more than six days. He took the mound after taking an early substitution due to rain suspension in the game against the Boston Red Sox on April 18 last year (Korea time) and played in the game against the Kansas City Royals on April 22.

Therefore, to Ohtani, it is right to assume that his routine is a “six-man rotation” in which players take the mound after taking a five-day break or more. Will the Dodgers be able to change this routine.

Not only Ohtani but also Andrew Friedman or manager Dave Roberts have mentioned this issue yet. That’s because the issue is something to be agonized over a year from now. Now, Ohtani, who signed a 10-year, 700 million-dollar contract, is just hoping that he will play his part as a bat during his debut season with the Dodgers.

This year’s Dodgers rotation is expected to be Yamamoto Yoshinobu, Tyler Glasnow, Walker Buehler, Bobby Miller and Emmet Sheehan. Ohtani will join next year, and considering that Buehler will become an FA after this season, strengthening the starting lineup will be an important task for the Dodgers later this year.

If Ohtani maintains the six-man rotation, other starting pitchers will be uncomfortable. This is because their routines are broken. Yamamoto and Glasnow are big names who signed large contracts. Miller and Hani are the leading players that the Dodgers keep. It will be difficult to play the rotation regularly with Ohtani throughout the season.

Ohtani has no choice but to adapt to the five-member rotation or change his position to a bullpen. It is a huge challenge for the Dodgers, who want him to continue his cartoonish pitching and hitting job.

The left-hander, who is known to have admired Ohtani during the Angels, is drawing keen attention by revealing his honest position on this part.

Angels left-hander Reed Detmers, who is in his third year in the Major League, appeared on Foul Terry, a channel specializing in Major League Baseball, on the 17th (Korea time), and said, “(Because of Otani), it was difficult to maintain his routine. If he pitched in six days this week, he could pitch in seven days next week or in eight days. When he didn’t throw, he pitched in five days.”

“Many starters want to throw every five days. That’s our plan for this year. It’s great to be able to meet our five-day routine,” he said. “Six days is too long. You have to throw several bullpen sessions in the middle. It was really difficult to do that while staying healthy.”

The Angels had to guarantee Ohtani’s rest period while starting the sixth, and other starters’ pitching intervals were jagged. They couldn’t have been complained about this. It seems the same was true for Detmers.

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