Bento leaves shock after ‘extreme anger’…UAE only draws 1-1 with Palestine after being outnumbered → Round of 16 is yet to be confirmed

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) soccer team, led by Bento, drew 1-1 with Palestine in the second Group C match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup at Alwakra Al-Zanub Stadium in Qatar on the morning of the 19th (Korea time).

The UAE, which drew with Palestine, accumulated four points with one win and one draw. Although it topped the group for now, the possibility of falling to second place in the group increased with the draw. Currently, Iran, the second-ranked team in the group, defeated Palestine 3-1 in the previous first leg and is scheduled to face its weakest, Hong Kong, on the 20th.

Prior to the match, soccer experts expected the UAE to win. The UAE ranks 64th in the FIFA rankings, while Palestine is only 99th in the FIFA rankings. However, Bento’s UAE had a hard time.

Earlier, UAE was struggling with Hong Kong, ranked 150th in FIFA rankings, on the 15th. He maintained a shaky performance throughout the game, and although he won, the two penalty goals from Hong Kong were crucial. If it wasn’t for two penalties, it would have been difficult to guarantee victory.

The Palestinians came out with a 4-4-2 formation. Kunbar and daba were chosen for the front line. The midfield consisted of seyam, karub, rashid, abu ward. In the back four, albatat, termanini, sale and saldana started. Hamadeh wore goalkeeper gloves.

The UAE faced off in a 4-2-3-1 formation. The Sultan was placed at the front line, while de Lima, Saleh, and kanedu kohea were selected for the second line. The third line consisted of Ramadan and almerji, and the back four started by Idris, Naser, al-Hammadi, and Ibrahim. The goal was saved by Aisa.

Palestine drove in the early part of the match. At the fourth minute of the first half, Palestinian Zayed Kounbar attempted a header from a corner kick, but the impact was not quite right. However, the ball swung in an exquisite course and threatened the UAE’s goal. UAE goalkeeper Aisa managed to hit the ball.

The UAE launched a counterattack in the sixth minute. After Almerjee caught the ball near the right side of the box, he made a shooting angle. He then attempted to shoot from a position a little far from the goal, but the shot missed and rolled weakly into the side of the net.

At the ninth minute, the UAE had another chance. A long pass from the back connected to Idris, who attempted a sharp overlap. Idris immediately tried to shoot after catching the ball, but his posture was in an awkward position. Eventually, the shot missed the goal.

Two minutes later, the Palestinians launched a counterattack. Oday Divach drove the ball into the center near the right side of the box and hit a powerful shot, but it was in front of the goalkeeper.

After that, the game briefly went into a lull. Sultan Adil was warned in the 16th minute. Since then, the two teams have continued to be tight.

Meanwhile, the UAE scored its first goal in the 23rd minute. It was Sultan. The UAE cut off the Palestinian ball in the midfield and connected to the right. Saleh, who was on the right, hit a sharp and accurate cross, and scored a perfect header after the sultan in front of the goal beat his opponents. From the UAE’s point of view, the goal came early, signaling a good start. The sultan roared with UAE fans.

However, within a short period of time, the Palestinians got a chance to tie the game. The ball, which flowed backward during the corner kick process, was shot powerfully by the player outside the box. However, the shot hit weakly and flowed directly to the goalkeeper. Kanetu Kohea then succeeded in catching the ball in the box. Here, Alhamadi grabbed Kohea and knocked him down. The referee proceeded with the match as it was, but after checking VAR, he declared a Palestinian penalty. The Palestinians had a golden opportunity. In addition, Kohea was sent off for fouling out a crucial UAE chance. Bento could not accept the decision and protested strongly. However, the protest was not accepted.

However, heaven raised the UAE’s hand. Aisa goalkeeper completely blocked Seyam’s shot as a kicker. Aisa roared with her UAE teammates, and Palestine missed a golden equalizer.

However, the Palestinian offensive continued. Eight minutes were given in the first half, and the Palestinians attempted a powerful cross from the right. The ball bounced between many players in front of the goal before heading into the UAE’s goal. But just before heading inside the goal, Al-Hashemi quickly cleared the ball. It was a relief for the UAE.

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